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  • Your Loop/Click Gear

    Would love to read about and see (photos?) how (meaning, show me the gear) other bands are running loop/click during live music. Thanks!

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    We keep our setup fairly simple... MP3 based click tracks from PraiseCharts and other sources (a few that I've made myself, but most are stock from other sources). Click is hard panned left, loops are hard panned right. From there, we can use anything that plays MP3s for live playback. I use my Nexus 7 with an app called Soundboard Maker Pro. It makes it really simple to arrange different banks of files for playback. Then it's just a splitter into two DIs and out to the board. I know there are a lot of other ways to do it, and many of them are more complex and offer more flexibility, but this has worked well for us for several years.
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      We only rarely use click/backing tracks, but the ones we do have I built and recorded. Typically they just consist of two tracks, a click (which will generally be a closed hi-hat) and the instrument track (typically a keyboard of some sort). We have an electronic drum kit that allows the drummer to run the backing track along with his drums into the PA and monitor system. I prepare the backing track and place it on a thumb drive. He simply selects and plays the backing track and that's about it. The backing track has the count-in and from there we just play along. For the most part the drummer doesn't rely on the click as he can pretty much follow the music, but the click track never stands out because it blends in with the rest of the drums.

      The gear used for recording the track depends on how complex the part is I'm trying to build. For relatively simple keyboard parts I record them directly into my Sonar X2 studio edition from a Casio PX-3. The click track is built within Sonar using the EZDrummer plug-in. If the backing material is more complex, I first generate it through Band-In-A-Box, and export/import the MIDI tracks into Sonar. We play the finished track through a Roland TD-15KV drum kit.
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        For full multitracks I use Ableton Live on my MacBook Pro. Click panned left and everything else panned right, which isn't ideal if you really wanted to enjoy stereo backing tracks.

        We've also begun to use the Tempo app on iPhone or ipad as a metronome click-only. That seems to work better coming from the drummer.
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          I'm all about simplicity. My loops are usually jut keys stuff. I buy the loop from loop community, use ableton ad a midi keyboard to make pads for transitions. I import my loops into audacity and double check the panning to make sure click is hard left and loop is hard right. So I get them all into one session in audacity then just put everything in place so transitions are seamless, pads cover empty space, songs flow into each other right, etc. I export the .wav file from audacity, import it into iTunes, sync it to my wife's iPad along with each individual loop (in case of disaster) and put them all in an app called soundcue. My drummer fires the big loop in soundcue and were good to go. What I like about soundcue is it has a fade out button so if we're ever irreparably off and the loop is really prominent we can just fade it out and go on to the next song manually firing each song.

          Soundcue is so easy a caveman could do it.


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            I am running Ableton Live Intro out of a Macbook Pro into a Presonus Firebox and then into our soundboard . I create my own drum tracks in Ableton using EzDrummer (really like the Songwriter Midi Packs) and usually pan the drums left and any pads or bass to the right channel. I then trigger the loops/tracks with an SoftStep controller. I do not use any click since we do not have in ear monitors and our room is small. We are using a couple of Galaxy hot spot PA6S for our monitors.


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              I run our click& loops from Ableton Live on my Macbook Pro. I have 2 different ways of getting audio out that we use...

              A) Dante Virtual Soundcard - dumps the audio onto the ethernet network & the IEM & FOH consoles grab it in the digital domain.

              B) Motu Ultralite mk3 hybrid - used if we don't have our own rig on a show. If you have digital console(s), its an extra D/A-A/D conversion.

              Both setups work well for us...with the Dante rig, I have alot less cabling, more flexibility for routing & higher channel i/o, but at a higher cost since the FOH & IEM consoles need to be setup with the Dante interface cards. With the MOTU interface, its a straight forward rig that will work with any PA we may run across.
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                What's the added benefit of using the Firebox? Why not use a Y-splitter from the MacBook into 2 DI boxes?


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                  I use Reason to build our backing tracks, usually pads/synth and occasionally bass (and even more rarely drums). From the MacBook split into two direct boxes with the click in one channel (to IEM) and the tracks in the other. We run mono in the mains, so we don't miss the stereo.