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Center fill/Amp & Sub Recommendations

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  • Center fill/Amp & Sub Recommendations

    I'm writing this thread based on some of the advice I received on my last thread. It looks like our church will need two new speakers (center fills most likely) for our new building. We will be daisy chaining them from a set of Yamaha S115v's that we currently have. Our new facility is about 90' wide and 45' deep, or fairly close thereto. I'm looking for center fill recommendations. Our church is on a fairly tight budget with the move so I'm not necessarily looking for the best of the best, rather something moderately priced that will work for a while until we can afford to upgrade our system.

    We are also going to purchase a sub and amp (most likely used) and I would like to see about recommendations or things to look for. We won't need a crossover because our board already has one.

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    We are also going to purchase a sub and amp (most likely used) and I would like to see about recommendations or things to look for.
    You could even consider a powered sub- has the amp built in, could be a bit easier to manage. Instead of having to run line level out of your crossover to another amp, and a speaker line to a sub, you plug in the sub and run one line level from your crossover to the sub.

    I think used is a great idea. I buy 75% of my guitar and bass gear used. As far as what to look for in used stuff, shop around. Stick to brands with a good reputation (i.e. Yamaha, Peavey, Crown, Carvin, etc.).

    Power wise, for your room, probably 500W amp power would be enough. Where subs (powered or not) get pricey is if you are buying a 1000W + for an outdoor venue or major concert hall type venue. That would be a bit of overkill for what you need. I doubt you are looking to knock people over with the bass drum kick. You'd be ok to stay in the 500W range.

    If you buy separate, you could go with a 1x18" or 2x15" cab with a 500W amp.

    Something like this Yamaha Sw118

    and this Crown power amp for an amp would probably do pretty well.

    The center fills, I'd go with a couple 10" 2-way that are still full-range enough to not sound tinny but not too much low-mid range to sound muddy. IMO, they would work good.

    Remember, it has just as much to do with how it's mixed, particularly with a sub. The temptation is to put all the bass through the sub and it sounds like mud. There is no depth or definition, just this low-sounding noise. It needs t obe balanced with the full-range speakers as well so it fills out the bottom but doesn't drown it.

    Hope it works for you
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      My only reason for wanting to go with a separate amp and sub is because it seems to be the cheaper option. If I can find a powered sub for the right price we'll definitely take it.

      I found a pair of Mackie speakers that seem like they could be easily flown center stage for $200 new. Those seem like a pretty good deal to me.