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In Ear Monitors and Hearing the Congregation

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  • In Ear Monitors and Hearing the Congregation

    Hi everyone,
    I have an issue that I need some suggestions. I have recently started at my new church and they use in ear monitors. I like the level of control for monitoring sound. But I don't like not being able to hear my people singing. That is one of my favorite things about leading worship is hearing the people of God singing. I was thinking about trying some of the bone conducting headphones out for my "in ear" monitoring system to see if I could hear everyone singing better. Has anyone tried that? Or have you tried anything else to hear everyone singing in spite of having an ear bud clogging up your ear canal? Maybe some nice in ear monitor headphones that let sound through? Any suggestions on any of that would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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    Standard procedure with IEMs is to have microphones around your room to pick up the ambience & crowd. We have two hanging in the middle of our seating and two on the front of our stage pointing out. They are mixed to taste for each user. This gives you the control you want without the isolation you dislike.
    Travis Paulding,
    Production & Technology Director, St. Simons Community Church


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      Yes, room mics are definitely the way to go. There are a number of ported IEM products on the market now, but the entire point is having control over what you hear. Being able to blend the sound of the congregation back into your monitor mix to taste is the answer.
      Eric Frisch


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        Thanks for your responses. Yesterday I talked with the man who set up the sound system at our church. He showed me some tiny little bug microphones and some longer ones that he had bought to install for that purpose. But he had not been able to install them before he had been relocated for his work. Any tips for installing and mixing room mics? I know that you all would need specifics to have any idea what I could do. But I'll try to get info and pics. But if you guys have any suggestions I would be appreciative.