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Who is using Waves Real Tune in worship?

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  • Who is using Waves Real Tune in worship?

    We've been using Waves Tune Real-Time (TRT from here on out) in our worship environment for about a year now, we love it.

    We aren't going for the auto-tune effect that most people think of when they hear "tune" and think of T-Pain and the production style he made famous. It is a very natural sound, for us TRT adds a layer of quality and clarity to vocals that helps with our overall experience. The place where we get the most out of TRT is in our broadcast mix, outside of the live worship space is far less forgiving on vocal wavering and slight pitchy-ness. We are a team of quality volunteer vocalists and this plug-in takes them up a notch, they are all very close if not on key anyway, this just tightens things up and especially helps make them sound more together as a group. Honestly, most of the time, you can't tell it is working... until you set it in the wrong key, then you are abundantly aware of what it is doing. It is terrifying how good of a job this plugin can make someone sound NATURALLY way off key.

    So, what do you think about using Waves Tune Real-Time in the worship space?
    Travis Paulding,
    Production & Technology Director, St. Simons Community Church

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    Such a powerful tool. And yeah, I've experienced that "in the wrong key" before - it's a rollercoaster ride for sure. I'm sure glad you guys had it on me!
    Fred McKinnon, Pianist/Composer/Worship Leader
    blog: www.fredmckinnon.com

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      I think this could be a great tool in the right circumstances.

      To me, this stuff is like seasoning to a dish. A pinch of this and a dash of that can make a good dish taste great- too much can make a great dish taste awful. These tools are the same way- a little effect can tighten up the vocals where a good sound goes to a great sound without making it sound too "engineered".
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