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PA Setup for "In the Round"

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  • PA Setup for "In the Round"

    I've recently seen a lot of groups going to an "in the round" kind of setup. The musicians are in the center all facing each other with the congregation or audience around them. I think it looks like a great way to create a more intimate atmosphere for worship. I'd really like to try it.

    My question is "how do you do sound reinforcement for that?" I've done a few different searches and can't find any info on how to set up a PA properly if the group is set up in the middle. It obviously poses some complications. Have any of you done a set up like that? Do you know of any place I could find more information?

    Thanks for your help!


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    There would be some challenges. I'm not sure the 'back to the audience' part is a good thing. But it seems to be popular in certain theatre circles.

    Like everything else, it comes down to the central question- how much time and money do you want to spend?

    Musicians facing each other I think is a good thing for watching the leader, etc. for signals and changes. Monitoring wouldn't be too bad if you set monitors up in the center of the stage 'back to back'. Unless you are using IEM- then it doesn't matter.

    The bigger challenge is the 360 degree coverage for mains. You would need to know coverage area of each speaker and you would likely have to add more mains- you'd need at least 1 in each direction (N-S-E-W) but probably closer to 6 or 8 to avoid dead spots in the 'corners'. You'd either have to hang them from the center ceiling or put them on poles that will block someone's view.

    Here's a thread where someone is talking about ideas for it http://forums.prosoundweb.com/index.php?topic=140664.0

    Long story short, it seems like a logistical challenge that takes quite a bit of time and money to set up right
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