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Searching for a specific headset mic...

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  • Searching for a specific headset mic...

    Our lead pastor officiated at an outdoor wedding last fall and used a headset that he loved. He kept talking about it and, when his headset "died", I started trying to locate the one he had used for months. After playing phone tag with the events folks and getting almost no information, I thought I would reach out to see if any of you know which headset mic he might have used. We do know not the brand. Here is how he described it...It was black with a solid band behind the head and then it loops around both ears. We are looking for something indestructible, if possible. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. - Peggy Preston, Worship Director at Aldersgate UMC Nixa, MO.
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    That description could be a LOT of headsets. Sorry.

    I can tell you that we love our Countryman H6 headset, and it comes in black as well as beige and brown. We have a ton of Countryman e6 earsets with the second ear adapter too.
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      I know I'm coming in a bit late to this convo, but yes I agree you are describing very common features of most headset mics! Hopefully you've found something by now

      In case you are still on the search path, here's an option that might look -and sound- very good, as it's described as having and "unbreakable" boom and comes in black. It's got an extremely bendable boom and happens to also be waterproof - great for sweat and baptisms. It actually won Best Microphone at the Worship Facility Expo: http://www.point-sourceaudio.com/hea...al/CO-8WD.html

      Hope this helps!


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        Countryman matches that description.
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