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Drum Baffles, Drum Shield

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  • Drum Baffles, Drum Shield

    Hey, I'm looking to upgrade our drum shield from a simple 4 panel fiberglass shield. My first thought is to buy a clearsonic 66" 3-section baffle behind the drums. This would be to suck up the reflected sound off of the shield and reduce the overall volume of the drums in the room. That reflected sound is tough to live with. At some point I'd also like to add a lid to further isolate the drums--we have a pretty small sanctuary.

    Anyone found other solutions that have worked well for volume reduction? I've looked at sonex for some acoustic panels that could be glued to the wall, but would rather have the freestanding baffle like clearsonic has (although the panels would be cheaper...). THanks!

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    Thank you for the chance to spam: http://drummersbehindglass.com (but please don't take any of that seriously).

    {To actually answer your post I read some articles talking about how effective sound deadeners etc. are on the floor under the drums. Nothing formal like decibel tests but they claimed it was "dramatic".}
    I need pictures of your drummer in his booth/cage/room http://drummersbehindglass.com


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      I wish there was a cost effective way to upgrade drummers...

      We use curtains on stage, but honestly its probably more expensive than what you are proposing. Here is a picture with the curtains in the background:curtains.jpg

      You can have your drummer use hotrods as well. You can also get the height extenders and two more plexiglass panels.


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        nice link, thanks for sharing