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    Hey guys,

    Hey guys, hoping there is a simple answer for this question.
    I use a sennheisser wireless for my guitar. We have a LOT of sound on our stage and do not have inear monitors. I need to hear a little bit more of my guitar. I was thinking maybe I could split a cable out of my guitar, one to my sennheisser and one to a mini headphone amp and use earbuds, just like in ears, just for my guitar. I can usually hear everything else I need, just dont want to ask for more acoustic guitar if everyone else doesnt need it. Any suggestions? Would this work?
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    "disclaimer- if there is an embedded video, I can't see it right now, just a bunch of space, in case I ask stupid questions...)

    Well, if you are going to run wireless headphones- if you have wired headphones, it's kind of defeats the purpose of a wireless guitar.

    Where is your wireless receiver plugged into- does it go to a preamp, pod, mixer, etc? That would help identify the choices.

    Probably your best bet (depending on wireless model), if you have the XLR out and a 1/4 out on the receiver, take the 1/4 out and run it into a (wireless) headphone amp and see if that works.

    What this could turn into is a discombobulation of cables and transceivers that are a lot more hassle than going wireless is worth.

    Who do you share a monitor mix with? If you share with a couple people, see if it bothers them

    Another option might be a small amp that would sit next to your monitor where you could dial in the guitar you want and not affect monitor mixes.
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      It is a little pricey, but you may want to look into the shure PSM-200 personal ear monitor system, It is really cool. It has 2 inputs and 2 direct outs on the back. so you run your monitor mix into input 1 and control the volume of that mix for you then run your guitar into input 2 and through to your mixing console. In doing so, you have volume control over your band mix as a whole, and also you can turn you guitar up louder in your mix without effecting anybody else.

      I use it for my wireless vocal mic, and have the mic unit and the monitor unit in a small rack box i keep off to the side of the stage. I just run the mic straight into channel 2 on the shure system, then straight out of there to the mixing console.