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Any Advice on Speaker Upgrades?

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  • Any Advice on Speaker Upgrades?

    Our sanctuary is a clamshell shaped room. On the floor, the pews are broken up in to 6 sections one right next to the other.

    We then have a balcony that is more or less the same space overall, but it's in a straight orientation, rather than contouring to the clamshell shape.

    We currently have two sets of Bose speakers hanging from the ceiling. For the bottom section, there is only 3 speakers and the balcony has 4.

    I am quite certain what they installed was the Bose 502A Panaray system. They got white speakers because they blended better with the room way back when. There is a sub woofer installed in the wall behind a screen.

    Basically, the sound is extremely mediocre at best. The speakers are setup in an array and powered via two different crown amplifiers in a rack. The room is large enough to hold 800 people, even though we don't have that many people anymore. There are just tons of dead spots, what we hear in the balcony is drastically different/better than what we hear on the floor, etc. The speakers are "flying" from the ceiling and angled down toward the seating areas.

    We recently had a local business come in and quote us for a speaker upgrade project where they would install (12) powered speakers to cover every area of seating with JBL PRX 612 powered speakers. The other quote was for 12 Wharfdale Pro 12E with subs.

    I'm just kind of at a loss as to whether an upgrade like this would be extreme overkill or whether there is something lower cost that we could look in to.

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    Clamshell room will need a lot of speakers to cover the area, and it will be expensive.personally, I wouldn't want jbl prx, they are a fairly low end product.
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      I wouldn't go with JBLs either, not if you are going to be dishing out the time and money to cover the whole room.

      What is your budget?


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        Did you cut the wires or can you get a plug for the standerd speakers wire to the two pins?I've gone for alpine s type speakers but they have the two connectors? So don't want to go cutting the wires. Think it's personal chose really and the budget you have there's a YouTube vid with a cw ctr getting jb front speakers and rear sensors they look the nuts!