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How do you deal with song requests?

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  • How do you deal with song requests?

    I feel very blessed to report that worship in my church is thriving. We're growing together in His Spirit through songs, and I sense a strong movement by God through our people.

    However, other byproducts often spin off the whirl of enthusiasm. One of those is the request for favorite songs to be played.

    Don't get me wrong ... I love and crave song suggestions. It's hard for one person to be in touch with all the great worship songs that are out there. Sometimes you just plain overlook songs that would really bring honor to God.

    But many requests are -- how do I put this nicely? -- little more than "this is my favorite song and I really really like it." They're not worship songs. They're nice songs with nice messages, but they don't serve the purpose of worship. And it's not the suggesting person's fault ... they don't know what goes into choosing songs for worship.

    Anyway, I've been getting a lot of these requests lately, and I'm not really sure what to say. One letter I just received comes from a little 9-year-old girl. She suggests four songs ... none of them are appropriate for worship.

    Any words of advice from you guys? How can I let these well-intended folks down easy without hurting their feelings? How can I make them feel honored to have brought a suggestion to me when there's no way I can use it?
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    I get a lot of this, too. However, I usually have a list of new worship songs (5 to 10 deep) that I am planning to introduce eventually. I have probably added 6-7 songs in the past year that were all suggested to me and all have been well received additions to our song list. Songs like "Cornerstone" (Hillsong), "Great I Am" (Anderson), "Whom Shall I Fear" (Tomlin), "You Are Good" (Bethel), "Victor's Crown" (Zschech), & "Sing & Shout (Redman). All these were songs I either had not heard yet or was just hearing about a little. My full-time day job is less than 10 min from home, so I don't catch a lot of Christian radio in my daily commute, thus I don't hear a lot of potential worship songs. Having said that, there are many resources for finding worship music besides Christian radio. I got to be honest here, I don't like most Christian contemporary music. It's just as bad as the obvious secular influence it is trying to mimic. Is that too harsh? If so, please forgive me. I'm sure many of you could point me to some great Christian contemporary artists I would like. For instance, I do like the band LeeLand. My pastor recently asked me to add 3 specific worship songs. They are all good songs and I was only aware of one of them. Of course, if it comes from my pastor I'm going to add them. Truly, I don't know if there is a good way to tell someone, "Thanks, but no thanks" without it potentially deflating them a bit. A couple of people have learned the best way to get me to listen to a song is email me with a YouTube link. If they simply tell me the song title in passing at church I'm unlikely to remember it.


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      For me it's really simple. I normally just tell people we're already backed up on songs in the pipeline which we want to add...which is the truth. In all honesty between what the Pastor has asked for and the various inputs from the worship team we already have more than enough requests.
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