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Team Management with Saturday services

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  • Team Management with Saturday services

    Hey folks,

    I'm at a large church that has 3 identical services--one Saturday night and two Sunday morning. I've been on staff here about a year. I inherited a pretty disorganized system. Basically there is a pool of volunteer musicians on planning center and no one is committed to any specific rotation or schedule. There is a very small handful of musicians that seem to want to play bi-weekly, but most have communicated "I want to be included and play every once in a while, but I don't want to commit to a schedule." Obviously this makes administration a bit of a nightmare. I'm looking for responses specifically from any of you who have a similar set-up with Saturday evening services. How do you organize the volunteers? What sort of commitment do you expect? What do you feel is reasonable?


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    Hi Trent, good to hear from you again. I'm glad to see that you are still in the saddle, and hopefully refreshed and recharged.

    As far as Saturday services, one church I went to but didn't play for basically used one team for the whole weekend- Saturday 6 PM, Sunday 9 & 11 AM

    It made scheduling easier but it was a long weekend for the people that were on that week.

    Do you have one team do all 3 services of break it up by service?

    As far as commitment, have you asked why people don't want to commit?

    Sometimes it's an issue with our generation that commitment to anything (jobs, relationships, etc.) is a 4 letter word. Sometimes it's due to bad past experiences. I can name 10 people without thinking that volunteered and committed to ministry helps in the past that got taken advantage of, guilt-tripped into running themselves ragged, and the only way out was to quit the church. So, "fool me once,..." Now they are reluctant to get involved again.

    So maybe a little deep-dive into what people's apprehensions about committing to a schedule really are may give you some ideas to ease their concerns.

    As far as what's reasonable, if you have enough people, I'd think once a month would be a reasonable expectation.

    You mentioned some people would be willing to do bi-weekly- maybe start there and see what you have next.

    Punch line is, people need to have some skin in the game. It's not a drop-in ministry. They may not have to play every week, or every other week, but if they can't step up and commit to once a month, there isn't a place for them.

    Inevitably, some will bow out. That's not a bad thing. They weren't doing it for God, the church or you- it was solely to scratch their own itch. That's not what the ministry is there for.

    I'm confident you'll find the right solution

    Again, glad to see you're still around!
    If we want to go places we haven't been, we will have to do things we haven't done.


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      Thanks, Mike.

      Yes--currently one team does all three services.

      Personally, I feel that bi-weekly is a bit much to ask people to give their whole weekend, especially if there is a mid-week practice. I've been leaning toward a "1 week on, 2 weeks off" approach. I'd like to create 3 primary teams.

      I appreciate the admonition/affirmation regarding setting the standard and letting people decide if they are on board or not. That is exactly what I've been planning to do.

      Thanks again for the input!