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Worship team mission statement?

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  • Worship team mission statement?

    I'm looking to write one up for ours and I was wondering if anyone has done this for their team/ministry. Share yours if you feel so inclined - many thanks!

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    I've looked at several online and thus far, I'm finding a common trait requiring worship team members to be followers of Jesus/Christians. Do any of you require this or see it as a non-negotiable? I've seen the other side of it where it brings someone to church that wouldn't readily come otherwise. Are they a believer? No, but if they're willing to submit to my leadership and be a part of a team and contribute than why not? Especially since it exposes them to the Gospel and surrounds them with believers.


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      Conversion is a requirement for worship team members at my church. I've heard and understand the reasons for allowing a non-believer on the team, but personally don't agree with it.

      I think everyone that is on the platform during corporate worship needs to be a member of the Family. The tasks they perform during corporate worship are too important.
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        Our team members have to be active members of the church. There is a leadership aspect to the role that should be taken seriously. While we do encourage newcomers and non-members to volunteer for other roles and ministries, being on the platform on Sunday's is a serious responsibility.

        Our mission statement:

        Our Mission: To lift up the truth of God in the presence of God with the people of God. The way we do that is ever-changing, but we believe in the power of of anointed and skillful worship to the Lord in the context of the church. (John 4:23)


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          I'd have to pull up ours- it's not right handy

          As far as being believer, yes it's required.

          The reason for that is because the worship ministry is just that- a ministry. There's more to it than the music. In order to be effective, one needs to demonstrate a commitment to worship as a lifestyle. Yes it's a bit cliche, but it's very hard for a non-believer to separate the 'performance' of playing music in front of people from the 'worship' of us collectively focusing on giving God glory.

          More so, there is an obligation to worship in Spirit and Truth (John 4:24). As a worship team, our music and behavior needs to be from our spirit connecting with the Holy Spirit, and the Truth as found in the Word. It only goes to reason that a person who has not received the Holy Spirit or accepted God's Truth through salvation in Christ cannot worship in Spirit or Truth. At that point, it's playing music that God doesn't receive as worship.

          I do understand the rationale of 'they are exposed to the Gospel', but it's kind of putting the cart before the horse. You wouldn't use the rationale that hiring a good public speaker that's unsaved to be a pastor or preacher with the rationale of 'he'll get exposed to the Gospel', right? It's kind of the same thing.

          I've been on a couple teams that have tried the approach of using unsaved people. Every time I have seen it tried, it has backfired. Egos and drama take over, there is a clash of incompatible spirits that is like trying to mix oil and water.
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            BINGO MIKE!!

            Prior to my joining the worship team they had tried to do this with an unsaved friend of one of the members. It worked for a while but eventually his outside, worldly influences drew him further and further away from the mission of the worship team, eventually causing drama and raising concerns.

            The worship team is clearly a ministry within the church and as such it is a leadership position. It's highly visible just like the pastor and therefore must operate in one mind and one heart in service to the Lord as noted in Acts 4:32. This is almost like saying we'll take on an unsaved youth minister because he's good with kids and hope this will bring him to the Lord.
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