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Worship Team Appreciation Ideas

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  • Worship Team Appreciation Ideas

    This year we'll hold the 2nd appreciation dinner for our worship team (about 75 ppl). As usual, the date that's selected will eliminate several due to scheduling conflicts. So I'm mulling over some ideas that we can do for those who aren't able to attend - a little gift basket or something to say thanks. I don't like the thought of them not being able to participate just because of when it was scheduled. I've got an idea or two but I'm wondering what ideas you fine leaders may have in your back pocket to toss my way. Thanks in advance!

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    My perspective- if you were in their shoes, what would make the biggest impact? From a 'contributor' perspective, for your instrument players, maybe a gift card to GC- $10 or $20- buys strings, drum sticks, a new tuner, new strap, etc. That covers a lot of 'incidental costs' we eat to play on the team.

    Sound guys, maybe the same thing- if not GC, maybe Best Buy, or Amazon or something.

    Singers may like an Amazon or iTunes gift card- they can download songs, etc. Sound guys may like that, too.

    Another thing is time with family. Maybe a gift card or certificate to a local restaurant, like a 'date night'. That might be a way to say 'we appreciate you giving up time with your family- let us buy you lunch' kind of thing.

    Maybe you could even give out something small to everyone and have a name draw for a big prize.

    Gift basket could be a good idea too- with a worship CD, maybe a tract of some kind relating to worship from a well-known leader, and a $10 Amazon gift card...

    I do want to say thank you for even considering doing that. Most team leaders and churches could alleviate a lot of volunteer-related issues by doing something to say 'hey, we appreciate what you do- we couldn't do what we do without your help.' In my experience, I've dealt with a lot of secular volunteer groups, and I'll just say churches could learn a LOT about managing volunteers...
    If we want to go places we haven't been, we will have to do things we haven't done.