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Our leader won’t lead.

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  • Our leader won’t lead.

    Hello all,

    Im new here and in fact have never posted in a forum before. I need some advice. I’ll start with the issues and forgive me if they sound more like bashing or a rant. That is not my intention.

    1. We don’t know what we are playing until Sunday morning.

    2. Rarely do new songs.

    3. Songs are suggested via Facebook group, but not implemented unless leader suggested it (most of the time).

    4. Songs suggested by leader are typically dated, while songs suggested by team are current and, well just awesome songs.

    5. When new song is implemented we only have a few days, like 2 or 3, to learn it.

    6. When we get off of the track, which happens to often because we are not given enough time to learn it, leader does not kill the track because he can’t hear that it’s off.
    (We use backing tracks with clicks with in ear monitors)

    7. Leader would not implement a rotation to give team members a break until key members threatened to step down if we didn’t have a rotation.

    There are many more issues but I can’t go on forever. Our big problem now is that most of the team is on the verge of quitting, including me. In fact, the previous band quit because of these issues...the entire band. We are a church that runs about 100 or so. If the team quits, there will be no one else to do it. The team we have now was recruited out of desperation. Our leader has just lost touch with his team and the church. Our assistant music minister expressed some of the these concerns to him and she left his office crying after being berated by him. Don’t get me wrong, There are things he is good at, like always saying good job to the team after service, or providing us with equipment we need like in ears or picking up drum sticks and guitar strings for the band. And we have offered to help, like suggesting that the drummer, who is amazing, run the tracks. Or letting the assistant music minister load the songs in planning center. She asked if he would teach her how to do some of these things. He declined and said “that’s my job security”. No kidding, he really said that. He is not full time. I was thinking of having a meeting with the senior pastor who I trust and believe will be open minded. Kinda like a vision casting session. But when it boils down to the music minister saying “this is how I do it and it’s not changing”, I don’t think the pastor will take major action.

    Well, I have rambled on forever. Any wisdom and advice would be greatly appreciated.