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    Hey Guys, My name is Tommy Lindsly I'm 21 years old and I attend a small rural church in Oklahoma named Cleora Community Church and it has very very dated worship. Me and another friend of mine are wanting to begin introducing some more modern worship into the service but are a little unsure of how new is too new. We would like to do songs like "O Praise the Name" or "Resurrecting" but were afraid of resistance from the congregation.

    Right now it looks like it will just be her and I with an acoustic. So, it's definitely nothing fancy that we're working with, but if anyone has been in a similar situation we would love some song choices that would help to modernize our service a little bit while allowing the congregation to not feel to uncomfortable, we would really appreciate it.

    We have a really great congregation but it seems they've lost touch with what it means to worship, and as a young college student in an old congregation I'm faced with resistance anytime I try to offer advice on how things could improve the quality of worship in which we are offering. Any advice offered will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

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    Sorry for the slowness in response. This board isn't as active as it once was.

    Not knowing what you mean by "old" (at 21, you could think 41 was old, or 61, or 81), your approach might vary some, but in general it is the same. It might even be easier with the oldest people that the younger.

    Make sure that the people in the church know you love them. That will make any changes easier, because you will care about their feelings, and they will be willing to try something new because you asked them to.

    The older crowd is actually used to participating (singing along) in worship, so you want to select songs that are easy to sing. If they've never done anything written after 1980 (much less after 2000), you might want to use some 80s and 90s stuff to ease them in. Whether or not you do that, go with the best of the newer stuff. Not something that just came out. Look at the CCLI Top 100, and pick the ones that have been in it several times.

    And work in older hymns that they know. The best example of this is singing "How Great Thou Art" after singing "How Great Is Our God". And do "updates" of things such as "Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)" and "Cornerstone (The Solid Rock)" O Praise the Name could work with a lot of different songs.

    Hope that helps.....