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Awesome story from service- the power of anointing on youth

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  • Awesome story from service- the power of anointing on youth

    So our worship team is rather unique in the area where our youth kids (6th grade and up) have the opportunity to audition and join the worship team. Most of our youth are actually on the team, either on the platform or AV arts, and it's been a real blessing to be able to bring up the next generation worshipers.

    They are usually on the platform for the Sunday Evening service with the long term goal of the youth leading the service on their own. We have mainly 'band' instruments (flute & clarinet, etc) and 3-4 singers. We have some kids casually interested in guitar, bass, etc. but none have stepped up yet.

    So, last Sunday evening, one of our youth singers (a 12 year old girl who is all of 4'10) was given the opportunity to sing the opening verse and chorus on "I Lift My Hands". During rehearsal, she did ok, but was kind of shy and timid- normally what you'd expect of a 12 year old.

    So, we are leading worship and that song comes up, she starts off singing the opening "Be still..." line doing ok, then out of nowhere she starts belting out the "Let faith arise.." and goes into the chorus and NAILED IT like no one's business. Hands raised, eyes closed, the anointing came on this young lady and she's belting out this chorus and the congregation is standing there mouth agape, her parents (whom I've known for years and Mom is a great singer as well) are in awe, we as a team are looking at each other like "where did THAT come from????" and it was so literally awesome and inspiring to see the anointing of God come on this young girl.

    It was such a powerful moment for our team and our church that really manifested God's presence. So many people shared how it blessed them so much, and how it gave their faith a boost.

    It was so powerful, I just wanted to share
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