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Teaching New Songs To Your Church

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  • Teaching New Songs To Your Church

    So I have been reading a lot about why people don't sing in church as much as they used to.
    In that research people have said things like....

    "well back in the day of hymnals people knew almost every song and when they didn't, they had the music right there"
    "the rotation of music is so big the body doesn't have time to learn the new songs"
    "Worship Leaders use to teach songs"

    As a worship leader, I want people to sing and sing loud. And I know the songs that my church in particular will really engage with as far as singing. But this brings me to the question....

    How do you teach (or introduce) new songs to your church to make them an engaging point for your church the next time they hear it? (Or the first time!) Songs that you think are great and you really want to become a part of the body of work you present on a regular basis.

    Would love some insight....
    Thanks for reading

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    Welcome aboard

    Our church introduces them at the rate of 3-4 a year at most.

    I know of some churches who do 1-2 a month or more- they are on a fast rotation.

    A lot of the songs we introduce from the platform we also play during pre-service prayer time and before service. This helps people become familiar with the songs. Sometimes we do them from the platform first, sometimes we play them as canned music for prayer time, etc. first.
    If we want to go places we haven't been, we will have to do things we haven't done.


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      That's good. I think that our desire to sometimes play the newest song hurts us in congregational participation. To hold fast to those rules can be tough. I would imagine there are many times when you are ready to intro something that you think is great but have to really spend time in prayer wondering will this take up one of 3 or 4 slots this year.
      I like it though. That keeps people on board.
      Pre-service playing of new songs also, great idea


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        One thing I try to do is put myself in the average church-goers shoes. Most people that we are trying to reach (not the regular members), I doubt listen to much Christian radio at all during the week....if at all. They don't know the latest, greatest worship songs like we do. The only time they may hear the songs we do is on Sundays! How could we possibly expect them to be able to sing a song, let alone WORSHIP to said song, if they only hear it once or twice a month!

        Also, by the time we introduce a "new" song to our congregation, we as worship leaders have been listening to it, practicing it, and getting it nailed down for quite a while. I like to think that once a song is starting to get "old" for us as a team, that's about the time the congregation is just starting to make it their own.

        So for our church, not only do we try to introduce at most 1 new song a month, we keep our regular song rotation (ALL the songs we do) down to a list of 20. When we add a new song, we take one off of the list. It may seem like a very small number of songs (and it is!), but we only do 4-5 songs a week in our service. So if we don't repeat any songs (but we do!), we play every song on our list only once a month. Which is still not often enough, IMO.
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          I like it... this is good. I have lots of the same thoughts.
          frequency of songs played....
          when I am sick of a song is probably when everyone is finally into it.....
          I like that there is method also.....

          besides those things, these are some of my "techniques" for teaching new songs but I would love some more
          I love to teach the chorus at the front of a song. I'll even say "we are gonna learn something new." I think this disarms people a little. It's like saying "I don't expect you to know this yet, but let's give it a shot together." I think that takes some of the production value down a bit, but can be effective in engaging people.

          I also like speaking to the scripture that is represented in the track. I feel like it gives an automatic connections to something they never heard before. And even if they don't sing it the first time that connection will help build the relationship with the song.

          So when you intro a song, do you just play it? and as it is played more often people begin to engage it more. Or do we need to teach songs better? and if so how?


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            When I started going to a new church a while back, all the songs they played were new to me. And on top of that, they liked to introduce new songs quite frequently. I think one of the reasons they were able to pull that off is that they were such an excellent band and the experience was so top-notch that people were just motivated to learn the songs quickly. I guess kind of like going to an amazing concert, then returning home to download the songs you just heard and learn them. They did repeat the new songs frequently which also helped.

            Another church that I visited had special nights every once in a while to actually teach new songs to the congregation. Everyone was invited to bring their instrument if they wanted and play along as the team taught. It was just a fun night of jamming, worshiping, and fellowship.


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              Man I love the "night to learn" the new songs. Letting the people who maybe don't have the chops or the time to engage with the band get into the songs. Very cool...