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  • Worship Leader attendance

    Hi everybody! I'm new here and I've got a question. Last week, I was offered the Worship Leader position at my small (100 avg per week ) young (2 years old) Church. I've been on the team for 4 years as an alternating guitar/bass player. Our former WL moved 2 years ago, and we haven't had an official WL since...until now. It's a paid, part-time position. We only have one service per week, on Sundays. We do 4 songs. I also do the "welcome" at the beginning of the service, as well as a few "announcements" during offering. Here's my question; For you paid, titled Worship Leaders, how many Sundays are you allowed to take off during the year? My Church has thrown a number at me, and I just want to see if it's around the average number as other WL's. Thanks so much!

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    I'm sure this varies widely, especially in part-time capacities. Having said that, 4 seems to be a pretty typical number in the situations I'm familiar with. Typically with stipulations about not being gone close to Christmas or Easter.
    Eric Frisch


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      I only know this because I was on the search committee when we recently hired a new worship leader. Our church, for a part time position, they don't actually get a paid time to be off. They can accrue "comp" time. Our pastor expects the part time positions, secretary, worship leader, youth director, children's director, to put in a set number of hours during the week. Anything above those hours is comp time. They can save those comp hours up and use them to take off. Now when we were looking at one candidate we knew beforehand he would need off 2 Sundays, one in the spring and one in the fall, so we were including that in the package we offered him.