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Dealing with Disappointment

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  • Dealing with Disappointment

    How do you guys that are worship leaders deal with not getting a position? Especially when you feel holy spirit all over it and get confirmations and whatnot. Just had this happen to me
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    Hey Titan,

    Bummer to hear you didn't get the position you have your heart set on.I'm not a paid WL so I haven't experienced the exact situation you are going through, but I have still experienced not getting a job I thought was tailor-made for me and had the HS blessing all over it. I've also been turned down once for a bass player role on a worship team years ago. So I can appreciate what it feels like when things don't come together like you had envisioned. It's disheartening, confusing, and embarrassing, to say the least.

    As cliche as it is, my biggest takeaway from those experiences is that God really does work in mysterious ways. It's a faith-building experience. I have no doubt that God is using this experience to prepare you for what He has planned for your future. In my experience, I had to learn to say to myself "ok God, I thought this is what you had in the works, but apparently not. I'm bummed out, but I know you are working on something. What do I take away from this experience to prepare me for next time?"

    I learned, for one thing, how to handle rejection and disappointment. I also learned how to interview better and maintain a spirit of thankfulness and humility no matter what happens. I also learned to better pay attention to the Holy Spirit unctions and whispers over people's input, no matter how well-meaning they are. When I was turned away for a bass-player volunteer role, it was the catalyst that made me commit to being the best bass player I could be instead of just good enough. At the time it was one of the worst experiences i had and it turned out to be one of the best life moments I've experienced.

    Yes, it was a setback, but over time, I was able to see how God was preparing me for what was coming. I eventually got a job that was better than the one I thought was tailor-made for me. With people I know, their testimonies are similar. They got turned away from what everyone thought was a sure thing, got really bummed out and deflated, only to come into something down the road that was better. I am confident that a year or so from now, you will look back on this experience and say "praise God I didn't get that position, or I would have never been able to do what I'm doing now."

    Keep the faith, and keep your chin up and praise loud
    If we want to go places we haven't been, we will have to do things we haven't done.