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Does what you do matter?

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  • Does what you do matter?

    Many times we feel like what we do doesn't really matter. But it really does.
    We're going to venture down a very existential, but very valid and necessary topic. Does what you do matter? I think it depends on the day, doesn't it? When you get e-mails or phone calls from congregation members sharing their concerns, e-mails or phone calls from those involved in your music...

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    A couple of Sundays ago we took the stage to do our usual three praise and worship songs. Two fast ones and one slow one. We usually play about 30 minutes and then the Pastor will give his sermon. Well on this particular Sunday the Holy Spirit anointed all of us and our praise and worship took on a life of it's own. People all over the sanctuary got filled with the Holy Spirit. There was dancing all over the sanctuary and people were speaking in tongues.People were weeping in the aisles and at the altar. We played for almost two solid hours. Finally the Pastor basically said that he had nothing that he could say or preach that could bless God any better than what had just happened.

    So yes, what we do does matter.


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      Absolutely!! That's the whole point of what I wrote in the post. We don't always feel that way, but it does!