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A "Win" for the team

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  • A "Win" for the team

    Hey folks,
    I'm curious how you all define a "win" for your worship ministry, how you quantify it, and how you use it to encourage you team.
    I've just started a new ministry job, and could use some inspiration from you guys!
    Grace + Peace

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    Win = articulating a vision beyond simply being a good band;
    Win = ensuring all team members have been equipped to execute their responsibilities well (e.g., you have provided them with critical information on a timely basis allowing them to prepare and be meaningful contributors);
    Win = understanding your primary responsibility is leadership, not musician;
    Win = seeing (and overtly pointing out to your team) the steps toward the realization of that vision;
    Win = doing "little things" with excellence;
    Win = seeking your replacement (even when you don't need one), empowering and coaching him or her well.

    There are probably others, but these are the ones that are meaningful to the teams that I have been a part of. You should also get input from your senior pastor... a huge win (for your team and your career satisfaction) would be for the two of you to always be on the "same page."
    "Rock On" (Matt 7:24-25)

    Dave Brown


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      Hey Wade! Welcome to TWC! This is just some surface thoughts to your question.

      Don't view the worship team through lenses of success/fail. The downside to that is, people get burned out fast because they will eventually treat it like that; a job or a task. It's best to view them as your family. Plant seeds of encouragement, mercy, respect, love, joy, etc (in other words, plants with seeds from the fruit of the Spirit). If your team really enjoys playing as a team, that is a good indication of a healthy team. When a team moves as a family unit, the music components naturally come. The least skilled will desire to be more skilled, and the most skilled will encourage the less skilled. It creates a circle of productivity like never before. Start with building personal trust, and you'll see the team flourish.

      You've got a tough role, my friend. Keep pressing into God as you walk through this ministry. I pray it becomes very fruitful and joyful. Be blessed!!!!
      Melanie Siewert, Christ's Servant
      BLOG: http://www.worshipvanguard.blogspot.com


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        Win= did we provide people with the opportunity to experience Jesus through worship and in doing so did we contribute to the flow of the service.

        Why= we deal with volunteers and with that there are too many variables, and we deal with electronics and technology and from time to time it fails, so we minimize distractions as much as possible and flow through broken strings and technical failures and miscues and go with the flow, our motto blessed are the flexible.


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          I'm curious how you all define a "win" for your worship ministry, how you quantify it, and how you use it to encourage you team.
          I am thinking like Melanie- it's not always quantifiable. It's like the old cliche, "I don't know how to define it, but I know it when i see it".

          That being said, you can and will think more in line with qualitative ways to measure 'wins'. There is a fair degree of subjectivity, and that can create issues.

          Quantitative- 80% of the people engaged in worship (not a good measure). The team knew 90% of the songs (can work, but if it's the 10% they don't know that makes the song, not an effective measure). Bob is late to practice 20% of the time (works ok for that type of metric).

          Qualitative- 3 of the songs flowed well with the service theme, but that last one was not as good a fit. This is subjective because it's hard to put a number on "not as good a fit", but a judgment call you will have to make. How do you split that into a 'win/not a win'? Another example- some weeks the worship will feel more powerful or moving or engaging than others. That doesn't mean the less engaging weeks are 'not a win', because it's the probability of chance along with variance. Trying to quantify it can put you in a position where you put too much pressure on yourself.

          So, that being said, look for those times that it went real well- everything clicked, the vibe was right, the execution was smooth. Use that as a benchmark to iron out the times it doesn't go as smooth.

          Hope you have fun in your new position

          If we want to go places we haven't been, we will have to do things we haven't done.


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            Originally posted by WadeShawDCCSprings View Post
            Hey folks,
            I'm curious how you all define a "win" for your worship ministry, how you quantify it, and how you use it to encourage you team.
            Grace + Peace
            WIN = God was glorified by the people we're trying to lead.

            LOSS = We were glorified.

            By this standard, though, a "win" is not the same as a "good job". Sometimes WE do things poorly by human standards, but God is glorified. And sometimes we do a great job on the stage, but it doesn't translate "in the seats".


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              Thank you all so much for the feedback! Got some good ideas and points to think on.