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Applied for a job. Is it always this

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  • Applied for a job. Is it always this

    The hiring process has been a little strange since the other lady left. She is a really good friend of mine, and upon leaving recommended me to the pastor, but being a member of the church and applying for the job has been... Interesting.

    One of the other applicants is a close friend of the pastor's intern, and she has been giving her some opportunities to lead as a volunteer until they hire someone. I have also been leading as a volunteer, but I've gone to the church for almost a year now and am filling a need. On top of that she, the other applicant, brought in a bunch of her friends that she played with regularly while in college.

    I am actually the least qualified on paper, but have more experience leading a praise band. The girl that is the pastor's intern's friend has a B.A. in Music, and the other guy has an M.Div. The whole situation is weird right now. The church hired a girl to do the administrative side of the job in the interim who already has a full time job and a part time job, but she's the daughter of some prominent members. Honestly, she hasn't done a whole lot in the position except arrange a schedule of who's leading when. She offered the job to me until the hiring committee made a decision, but I thought that would be seen as an unfair advantage by the other people applying.

    I think the pastor's intern should have done the job until the hired someone, and she's certainly capable but doesn't feel called to it long term. She has been largely uninvolved aside from leading when nobody else can.

    Sorry for the rant, I've just been keeping it all inside...

    I'll keep you posted on it.
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    honestly, it does seem like a rant... and I'm not sure it's gonna help anything. Unless you're look for outside eyes... so here you go:

    1) Make sure your leadership team knows your suggestions/perspective.
    2) Trust God and them to come to a god decision without feeling like it has to be manipulated.
    3) Be chill about it. - God has a place for you, stressing out about it isn't gonna help anything...


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      Well i'm saying this with no assumptions whatsoever.
      Have you prayed about this,before making or passing up on a decision?
      It seems you are unsure about your role,or how you would get involved.
      It sounds like you had envisioned it a certain way on how it would go about,
      but its not turning out the way you pictured it.

      Express your frustrations in prayer,and ask the Lord to show you His way of doing things


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        Whoever said that ministry life, lay or part/fill time, was the smooth path.... had no idea whatsoever. I applaud you for being as patient as you've been and for applying and trusting that what happnes is in God's hands and His will. That's tough to swallow sometimes but I'm sure that, as any believer has, you've seen in the past and will continue to see 'after the fact' that it worked out better.

        My journey into and in and thru ministry has spanned more years than I care to admit. Sometimes I believe that where I am to be is where I am or was at the time. That alone was quite encouraging and satisfying. There were times when this was the most pleasing experience of all and those occurred at many times all along the way. I hope that made some sense. Anjoy where you're at and heading to.

        Worship well and always.

        Mark A. Levigne
        Medina, Ohio


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          I guess I had forgotten how long the hiring process is at churches. Most jobs I've applied for recently work a little more quickly, and the hiring committee is dragging their feet. I understand what the job entails, but I assumed it wouldn't take this long to be contacted. I was even told that I was one of the three they were considering, they just haven't set up interviews with anyone yet. Maybe I am just feeling like they are taking too long because I am excited about the possibility of finally finding a job in music ministry, but I turned in my resume well over a month ago and have yet to be called. Oh, I guess what they say is true. "Waiting is the hardest part..."


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            This is absolutely true. Churches almost never move quickly when hiring staff, especially when the members of the search committee are volunteers. They may only meet once a week, so decisions that could be made in one day at an office take several days.

            It's frustrating, I know, on both sides.
            Tony Hartsfield