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Contemporary Choir Resources (for Easter)

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  • Contemporary Choir Resources (for Easter)

    Just stumbled across this forum... I love this place already. I'm a keyboardist/arranger/worship leader trying to help our choir director by finding contemporary choir music for our Easter service. I haven't been able to find anything that sounds "current". All I've found so far sounds like it would only appeal to an an older congregation.

    We have incorporated songs from "Everything Glorious" (arr. Travis Cottrell) in our Christmas program which hits the stylistic mark pretty well. The backing tracks were high quality and didn't sound too dated. The vocal arrangements were medium difficulty, sounded great and were fun to sing. So, I'm looking for something similar.

    I know it is asking a lot, but personally, I'd like to find music that is cross-cultural, but won't blow away our 80% white congregation

    Any pointers to choir books, web sites, etc. would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Jorns--welcome to TWC!

    Try Royalty Free Music, Orchestra Music, Choral Music - Dan Goeller Music

    --Specifically the anthem "I Am the Resurrection"--we used that one last year and it went over really well. It's high energy and cinematic in nature, a nice break from the norm.



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      Our small "Mass" choir is doing a (simplified) version of Reed's Temple Choir's "Oh, what He's Done for Me":

      Amazon.com: Oh What He's Done For Me: Reed's Temple Choir: MP3 Downloads
      O What He's Done For Me Lyrics -Reeds Temple Choir Lyrics -

      I made part/backing tracks and choir parts; if you want, just contact me.

      Ntime Music has some Easter seasonal sheet music and SAT arrangements:

      N Time Music.com offering Gospel Sheet Music Gospel Music Songbooks Gospel Music Urban Praise and Worship Performance Tracks Gospel Music Videos and Gospel Music Cd's and MORE...

      Also you may be able to find some arr. of Israel Houghton, etc. songs by searching over at Integrity Music Direct...


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        Choir collections is not a good place to look for a "cutting edge" sound. Plus, you spend a lot of money most likely for just a few songs you like. Honestly for me, I just arrange it myself if I can't find something quick. However, not everyone has arranged for SATB.

        The MOST important thing is the song!! Pick a song that you like then search like crazy to find it. PraiseCharts | Download Your First Song For Free is a good place to look. Their arrangements are take downs with a SATB added. I've never run into one that was above medium difficulty (if I did it was because it was awkward). You can also buy the finale files from them.

        A site that most don't know about yet (because it's a baby) is Red Tie Music. This is a publishing company started by Liberty University and Thomas Road with Charles Billingsley. I've arranged some of the stuff on there, and I know the arrangers personally and it's good stuff.

        You mentioned that you've done some Travis Cottrell stuff. I like Travis, but even with our awesome 120+ choir I have a hard time making it sound edgy. The best way to achieve the sound is to custom arrange. Do you have to have the backing tracks or do you have a live band? That makes a HUGE difference.