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  • Anyone Lead from The Bass

    I am the worship leader at my church. I sing lead and play the bass. Anyone else here do that? I went to a Norm Stockton class at the NWLC and asked him for his thoughts... before he could catch himself he gave me the " Oh you poor man." look LOL. His words.." I just worry about BVG's and have others help on that." any other bass lead singers out there? Would be interested in your thoughts, and stories.

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    Actually, the very first time I led worship it was from the bass. If your team is tight and knows the songs, there's no reason it can't work. You still have to call out any needed directions, just like a leader on acoustic or piano might.


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      I often lead from the bass... to me, it's really no different than leading from any other instrument. In fact, I think it's easier for me to lead from bass than guitar or keyboards. As long as you're playing well and connecting with your congregation, why not?
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        When my husband leads, it's from the bass.


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          I have to fill in on bass every few months when none of our regulars can't be there. The first few times it was difficult (I usually play acoustic), but now it's much more natural and a lot of fun. I do try to lay the setlist out so I'm not doing as much lead vocals, but I still sing.

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            I led from the bass quite a few times and I find it really enjoyable. I feel like I exude more energy because for me it takes more energy to play bass than to lead from acoustic (which is what I usually do). The only drawback I've found is that if you want to do an extra chorus with just guitar or something, it's often hard to communicate it to the band. It's nice when I'm playing guitar because then I just continue on and the band knows what's happening. I am in agreement with most of the users who already applied- I see no reason why you can't be just as effective leading from the bass as from any other instrument.