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How to do violin other than melody?

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    Write Out a Part

    I'm a classically trained violinist and composer, having served at my church as Music Minister for 23 years.

    I love to improvise, and have done it ever since my early teens. I would invite my friend (who also played the violin) to my house, and we would just 'make things up' together for fun. I have to admit it took some boldness on both of our parts to venture out on the journey. There's something about improvisation that is 'vulnerable' and is best done alone to begin with, then with close friends.

    Many suggestions already given are good. I think, however, simplistically, that as your young student has a classical background, scales are already 'in her ear' and in her technique to a large degree. She simply needs the boldness to step out, which can only come in incremental steps. I would encourage you not to expect her to immediately improvise publicly until she has connected to her creative side privately.

    A more important point that I wanted to raise here, however, is that most Music Ministers don't seem to know how to prepare for a variety of possible instrumentalists who might come their way.

    I have developed a system that would allow anyone who walks through the doors to instantly participate. Without going into too much detail, the idea simply centers around writing out a 'lead-line' or 'obligato' part. I have written them on Finale, so that they can easily be transposed for any instrument.

    Even though you mentioned that you don't have as much musical training as you would like, I believe you can do this. It's really not hard.

    I want to encourage you to stretch your own leadership and musical ability to write out some charts, while also stretching your young student's ability to improvise.

    I hope you can read my blog on "7 Attributes of a Complete Contemporary Musician":
    7 Attributes of a Complete Contemporary Musician- Part4 - Blogs - Lowell Hohstadt

    Also, here's one of my latest 'improvisations':
    LoopFun - Blogs - Lowell Hohstadt
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