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Good brass songs?

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  • Good brass songs?

    Can anyone recommend some good, upbeat songs that utilize piano and/ or brass instruments well? There is so much guitar driven worship music now, and I'm curious for a way to integrate more of our brass players effectively. Thanks!

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    Israel Houghton has some nice brass lines. Not exactly brass driven, but good lines. Check out these:
    YouTube - Israel Houghton - Lord You Are Good
    YouTube - Turn It Around - Israel Houghton @ Lakewood (9/17/08)

    Maybe you could do a throwback to swing era with some more extensive horn work.
    Or do a search for Chicago or Earth, Wind, and Fire style christian bands.

    just curious what is your teams horn section make-up?

    If your blessed with a large section like - bari, tenor, and alto saxes, and trombone and 2 trumpets, one idea would also be to take some of the guitar parts/riffs/chords/etc. and turn those into hornline voicings.

    Think of each horn as one string of the guitar -
    low E string = bari sax,
    A string = trombone,
    D string = tenor sax,
    g string = alto sax,
    b string= 2nd trumpet,
    high e string = 1st trumpet.

    the A and D strings could flop sometimes, as could the g and b.

    That's one disadvantage of a horn section, that the other instruments are multiple voices controlled by one mind, like 6 strings played by one person, drums have up to four voices at once with the player using both hands and feet, up to 10 keys could be played by the keyboardist, though unlikely to happen... but the horn section has to be multiple minds, and hands, as one. If the voices of another instrument can be parted out, more options will open for the horns.

    As a former brass player, woo-hoo! Its nice to have minds like yours!

    As a current guitarist, woo-hoo! take the pressure off me sometimes!


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      Early Hillsong music is very Brassy.
      Associate Director of Worship & Media at St. Simons Community Church .He is also the content curator and editor here at The Worship Community.


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        Hello, can you recall the names of any early Hillsong music? When would estimate Hillsong's brass influence began?

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      Check out Tommy Walker (tommywalker.net). He's a southern California worship leader who writes songs in many different styles and uses brass on a lot of them. He's got lots of good upbeat stuff. My favorite of his CDs is "There is a Rock" and some songs that come to mind are Here I Am Again, There is a Rock and He Lives.


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        I'm with MITS on this...Israel Houghton.

        Love ONE woman...MANY guitars!



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          The latest song discovery (vol 79) had one. Song #5 You Are My God.
          They usually have one song like this on every volume.
          I am a brass player and remember doing alot of this kind of playing on early 90s integrity prodjects. some of the saddleback stuff from this time period.
          Also check out praisecharts.com they have alot of full arrangements that might work well.


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            Early Planetshakers also uses brass a lot - had more of a ska feel going. Great example - Live 4 u.


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              I am a youth pastor who leads a 6-piece youth worship band. I recently had to figure out what to do with a young trumpet player who wanted to join the group. Determined to find a way to make it all work, I took some of our normal repertoire (Hungry, How Great is Our God, Here I am to Worship, Revelation Song, your typical guitar stuff) and wrote out some trumpet melody and counter-melody lines on Finale Songwriter. I've learned a lot doing it and it's been fun for him. Since some of the stuff is written in horrible horn keys (i.e. E on a guitar is F# for a trumpet), since he is young, I just get him to play half or whole notes on the wierd stuff so he has plenty of time to think between transitions. It would be fun to add a tenor or alto sax, or maybe a trombone, but I don't know if I'd have time to arrange it all! It's amazing how great it sounds though on top of the electric guitar, bass, and acoustic guitar. It's really been fun. Let me know if you have any luck finding brass arrangements.