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Aftermath of a Pastoral and Worship Leader Transition

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  • Aftermath of a Pastoral and Worship Leader Transition

    It's been a year since the "mantle" was passed to another Senior Pastor at my church were I've been a worship team member/song leader for 10 years. Now, I'm the Worship Coordinator.
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    Feel free to vent whenever you need to, but be prepared for honest feedback after you do. There are a TON of experienced Worship Leaders and musicians here, and lots of experience in dealing with most every situation you can think of.

    Fire away, G!

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      I just hope you haven't been stockpiling weapons.....
      (a joke)

      There are a lot of shoulders to cry on here. I'll bet that a lot have been through something similar. Feel free to vent all you want but keep those guns unloaded, ok?

      what? me worry?


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        okay..yes, i'm always ready for accountability. Thanks!


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          I feel you, I really do. I've been in this exact situation, and I know that transitions are always hard. Here's what I would do.

          1. Close ranks with the Senior Pastor. Go spend time with them, hear their heart and vision about Worship, and adopt it as your job description. Let them know you're linking arms with them, and if they go down, you're going with them. Loyalty and relationship are a HUGE thing.

          2. Be willing to let some of your desires/songs/visions go in the short-term to make room for the Senior Pastor to establish themselves in the church. I would plan worship in their office with their input every week. I would ask them if they wanted a specific song. Let them know you've got their back. Don't wait for them to approach you. You go to them. You be the squeaky wheel. You demand the communication and relationship, and if they rebuff you, resign and allow the Pastor to appoint someone who they select to lead.


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            hisfirewithin has some great feedback. I've also been in this exact position, and it was really tough.

            First, it would help to know if you are a volunteer, or if you are on staff and have "office hours" at the church. If you are on staff, you should be able to request some face time w/ the Pastor.

            The larger the church, the harder it is to have "face time" the the Senior Pastor (or whatever you call the lead guy in your church) ... but I think that the Worship Pastor should definitely have direct access to the Senior Pastor. In my case, he (the SP) is my "direct report" on our org chart, and I have that privilege.

            Let us know that answer, and we'll try and continue the discussion.
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