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Christmas is coming the goose is getting…

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  • Christmas is coming the goose is getting…

    FAT!!! I don’t know if you’ve been having the same problem I’ve been having, but when it’s 92 degrees outside, it doesn’t matter how loud you crank up the Christmas Music, it’s extremely hard to get into the Christmas mood. And when it’s hard to get in the Christmas mood, it’s hard to plan for Christmas.

    This year at our church, we really trying to come up with something very different from what’s been done here in the past. We feel like Christmas gives us this opportunity that we don’t have any other time of the year. Even Easter doesn’t give us this opportunity. We feel that people are more willing to accept something a a little more performance oriented, and at the same time there are way more songs the the non-churched know at Christmas time, so we also have the opportunity to get them involved.

    In our thinking, I started doing some research to try and find out what other churches are going for Christmas this year. The only ideas I found were last years ideas. Yes, many of them are still good, but wouldn’t it be great if we could all share our ideas for this year, and help each other sharpen those ideas BEFORE we do them.

    You can read more at http://www.worshipministrycatalyst.com/?p=181

    So, with that, what are your ideas?

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    There is a great sketch we did over three or four weeks several years ago called the Inn Keeper's Dilemma. We preached messages about creating room in your heart for the Savior. Hilarious but poignant. We tweaked it a bit having the drummer wearing liederhausen( sp?) like the ricola guys. Our inn keeper's wife spoke with a strong Bronx accent.

    see the sample of it here http://www.skitguys.com/store/detail/241/


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      Thanks for the tip

      Thanks for the tip on those dramas, I'll be checking those out. One of the things we've done in Christmas in the past is "A Christmas Tale" put out by willow creek. It's a fairly low key drama with few set and prop kinds of things.

      Are you guys working on this year at all yet?


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        My wife and I have run the Christmas program for the last five years. It's always focused on the children. We try to switch it up every year and come up with something fresh. We've done..

        A full blown musical about the gift of Christmas.

        A drama regarding Christmas prophecies

        Last year I really liked. I wrote a play called "The Greatest Gift Ever." We had some of the children dress up as toys and others dress up as nativity figures. The toys were arguing about which one of them were the best gift. The nativity figures came over and began to tell them about Christmas. It had a lot of comedy in it, and was very well received. The song we ended with was "Let There Be peace on Earth." Plus we did a couple of others, and the little kids sang carols. We open with some Christmas worship, the choir sings, a short message. Our pastor said it was the best one we've done. (Now I have to top it!)


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          You got a script i can look at for that? It sounds like something we would like to do.

          Also- anyone ever seen a monlogue called "Phone call from God" or something like that?
          Love the Lord your God with all your heart with your soul with all your mind and with all your strength!!


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            A possibility for us.

            For this coming Christmas we're talking about going with the theme of bells. Sounds obvious, but it's not. We're going to talk about the different things bells can represent. A school bell might represent recess. A fire engine bell might represent separation from God. It could also spread to alarms in general. We also might talk about how we can be so used to the sound the alarms make that we don't even hear them anymore. Kind of like living next to an old church with a bell tower. Or like living next to a train. We're talking about coming up with a bell for each spiritual law.

            That's one of our options on the table right now.


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              Originally posted by Spurs4SC View Post
              You got a script i can look at for that? It sounds like something we would like to do.

              Also- anyone ever seen a monlogue called "Phone call from God" or something like that?

              Spurs... If you want the script, PM me and I'll email it to you....


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                Changing Directions

                Based on what's going on in our current culture, we've decided to change directions for this year. We're going with the theme of hope. We figure we're going to have people coming on Christmas weekend who could be very desperate for some sort of hope.

                So, we're finding 3 stories from within our congregation of people who have found hope that God offers in three areas - Purpose, redemption and new life. we're really excited about the possibilities of this Christmas.