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New worship song, 'Love One Another' based on 1 John 4

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  • New worship song, 'Love One Another' based on 1 John 4

    Hi everybody. A while back, we were reading 1 John 4 together in church, and I felt so excited and moved by the words that I wanted to set them as a worship song. Last year it came together as Love One Another. We have tried it at our local church and it flowed well. I'’d be very glad for you to listen to it and download it - and if it’s useful you are very welcome to sing it in your churches or schools. All feedback is very gratefully received, as I am quite new to adapting and writing lyrics. It is available here:
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    Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for sharing! Good on you for being brave enough to write the song and then share it with the world!

    The song has a pretty sound and I would be interested to hear a version with the vocals being sung. I know vocals take more setup than MIDI instruments, but it could give us a sense of how the words flow through the song. Let us know if you ever do a vocals version!

    Glad it is working in your church too.

    Thanks again,


    • WendyP
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      Hi Steffie
      Thank you for your kind words of support .
      Yes, you are right, it would give a much better idea if I could record the vocals too. I'm looking into getting the equipment, and if all goes well I'll post it here.
      I enjoy your songs and videos too, looking forward to your next
      Warm wishes