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A few originals and some covers

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  • A few originals and some covers

    Hi everyone! Lately I've been reaching out to church members, friends from far away, and complete strangers who are worship leaders. Half of the time when I talk to an experienced worship leader who run out of song ideas, they talk about how they have run out of new songs to use for worship. My goal is to not only write worship songs that other worship leaders will use in their sets, but to also expose some awesome worship songs that not many people know about! My hope is that I can add a few more songs to the repertoires of worship leaders all across the globe. Lastly, I also want to be a resource for worship leaders as well. Even though some songs don't currently have them up yet, I will be posting up lyrics AND the guitar chords I use for each of the songs I put up on YouTube, so that worship leaders can easily duplicate one of the songs I have made or covered.

    If you guys will...please take a listen to some of my original songs and covers! Suggestions are appreciated, but the glory goes to God, Who inspired me to write and cover these songs! I am not concerned about the quality of the videos. Again, I just want to be able to help worship leaders add a few more songs to their repertoires. Here are the links:

    Towards the Storm, by me

    Waiver of Devotion, by me

    Beauty of the Lord, by Desperation band (cover)

    As the Deer (You Alone), covered and added bridge by me

    God is love, by Generation unleashed, (cover)

    God bless!