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Psalm - by Drew Stowell

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  • Psalm - by Drew Stowell


    New demo that I finished this morning. Let me know what you think!

    is this link playable?
    Last edited by DrewStowell; 11-23-2012, 10:10 PM.

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    Drew, I finally had a chance to listen to this Sunday night. I like your instrumental track; it has good a chord pattern, and good variety of instruments. I would appreciate it if you would print out the words, either in the soundcloud comments, or on here, or both. I have a little trouble understanding all your words. (This is mostly my hearing, not your singing.) Then I will be able to comment on the scripturality of your words.

    Thanks for sharing; I hope you hear from a few more of our songwriters.


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      Thank you for the feedback. After getting some distance from my mix, I wish I made it more dynamic. Maybe make the verses lighter, less electric guitars until the chorus. I tried to mix the vocals louder than I normally do, however I'm also pretty self conscious about my voice. I never feel like I'm quite on pitch!

      Here's the words...

      Come, now oh Lord and soothe the burning within my heart
      My soul hungers for the comfort of your voice
      My heart grows weary, for my spirit yearns so strongly
      It's only in your arms that I can know peace

      I want to know you more
      I want to feel the beating of your heart

      You can take me as you want
      yet you take me as I am
      Take this broken mess
      and turn it into gold

      Come now, all believers who hold faith in His word
      Come now, you broken and weary, for here you will find rest
      Come now, Holy Spirit, the comfort of our hearts
      Receive this offering, a living sacrifice to you