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New Song. Feedback Requested

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  • New Song. Feedback Requested

    Dear friends,

    Can you please take a moment to listen to my song and give me feedback?




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    Hi! I listened to your song a couple of times. It's appealing and your voice sells it well. I appreciate when people share songs that they have written for the people they minister to. I'm not sure what sort of feedback you are looking for. If your church embraces it, if it draws them together--if it provokes them to worship in spirit and truth--then it is a good song. What is the song's commercial potential in the context of the worship music industry? That is a completely different question and in my opinion, irrelevant.

    If you are looking to build on this idea and improve it, the only semi-objective advice I would have is that I think people may have a difficult time navigating the difference in meter between the "majesty covers" and "mercy covers" in the verses. They may try to end the word "covers" too early the second time around and you will hear "coversssssssssssss everything." Also, I think a bridge, if there is one, should take the song somewhere significantly different...either offer a new pay-off, or change the dynamic level a lot to be worthwhile. I know, as a writer I feel this pressure/assumption that my song should include a bridge. The bridge of "Hallelujah" felt like the weak link in the song. I don't know that it needs a bridge, frankly. This doesn't feel like a concert opener song. It feels like a spontaneous chorus that happens in a worship-filled space. Because of that I would let it be what it is and not try to make it a pop song format unless the bridge can be re-written to really elevate the song to a new level.

    That's my 2 (or 3) cents worth. I'm so happy that you are writing--and thanks for sharing!!