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Full of Justice Full of Grace - Anthony Daniell- Comments please!!

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  • Full of Justice Full of Grace - Anthony Daniell- Comments please!!

    This is my garageband recording but I've played this in 2 churches with a few different setups. One very bluegrass sounding with a banjo, a full rock/contemporary setup, and acoustic guitar and violin. Each time it connected and worship happened. I like to skip the outro and just hang on at the ending for a personal moment because it's a personal song I think. PLEASE let me know what you think, theologically, musically, or whatever! Thanks, Anthony


    Full of Justice, Full of Grace by Anthony Daniell

    You are Holy Holy Holy Lord
    You are Mercy Mercy Mercy Lord
    Full of Justice Full of Grace
    Jesus Christ stands in my place

    His substitution satisfied
    The sting of death when He died
    Sin no longer masters me
    The blood of Christ has ransomed me

    The perfect One was crucified
    His sacrifice stands for all time
    For every tongue and tribe and race
    In my heart and in this place

    Ch, v1, ch, v2, ch, ch

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    Anthony, great song.
    From a technical standpoint, I had to turn the volume up all the way both on SoundCloud and my computer to hear the song.
    From a musical standpoint, I found the melody easy to follow and the instrumentals pleasing to hear.
    From a doctrinal/scriptural standpoint, this is one of the most theologically rich and true-to-scripture songs I have seen posted here.
    thanks for sharing it with us.


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      Thanks for the tech advice. I know that's my weak spot because I'm too cheap to buy good equipment. Still, I should be able to make a few changes to make it easier to listen to.