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We Give Them to You

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  • We Give Them to You

    Another song I wrote, this one for the presentation of the offering.

    Can be heard at

    It's the second song in the top row.

    We Give Them To You

    We give our hearts to you.
    We give you the works of our hands.
    We give you our hopes, our goals and all of our plans.
    Take them, O Lord we pray.
    Do with them what you want to do.
    Please take them, O Lord.
    We give them to you.

    All that we are, all that we hope to be,
    all that we have, all we will ever see,
    all that we need with blessings to spare,
    we have received from you, so Lord, hear our prayer. (chorus)

    Lord, you provide all that we need to live.
    More than enough so that we, too, can give.
    As you have shared, help us to share too,
    that as we live our lives, we're living like you.