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The worship songwriter's calling

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  • The worship songwriter's calling

    Hey fellow writers, this is purely for your encouragement. I've been leafing through some very old hymnals left in my office from a recent estate settlement.

    One stanza from an obscure hymn by J. L. Wince stood out to me today:

    "Thus far Thine arm has led us on,
    This far we make Thy mercy known;
    And while we tread this desert land,
    New mercies shall new songs demand."

    Keep writing! Whether your song is destined for international attention or you sing it alone to God, it is worthwhile.

    Love God and create good art. That is your responsibility. Don't put expectations on yourself that are beyond your control. It isn't yours-it's God's and He will do with it what is best.


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    So well said.....what a great sentiment....thanks for the encouragement!!



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      Trent - wow, that's incredible!
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        thank you for the reminder - the songs the Lord gives me may be just for Him.


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          Thank you for the encouragement. As a fellow songwriter, it is easy to get caught up in the "will other people use my songs" dynamic. Bottom line for me these days is ... God puts new songs in my heart and I listen and write. Some are just between Him and me and others are meant for sharing with my congregation. When I see God glorified and His name lifted up in my congregation and people are ministered to by songs, I feel I've somewhat achieved God's intent for what He gives me.


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            Ditto what Brian said. I'm kind of past the anxiousness of "what will happen next" but reminders like this are always priceless. I know this is what God called me to do and my job is to be obedient, not push past His will for my "success".

            Thanks Trent!
            All that hath life and breath, praise ye the Lord!
            In His Name,



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              Originally posted by Trent View Post
              Love God and create good art. That is your responsibility. Don't put expectations on yourself that are beyond your control. It isn't yours-it's God's and He will do with it what is best.

              What an amazing statement! Thanks so much for your insight and encouragement! You could use this wisdom for everything in life, relationships, family, finances. Thanks!


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                I know that was a lot of exclamation points But your words are exciting. Praise the Lord!


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                  Yes, but there is a place for doing what you CAN to "promote" your own songs ...

                  I certainly agree that we can’t “force the issue” with anything we write. However, I also believe that we need to use some *wisdom* in what we do with our songs after we write them.

                  For example: I’ve got a dear friend who’s written over 200 Christian songs – a bunch of which are Praise and Worship songs, I think. Now, I haven’t heard them, but knowing her, I’d bet that some of them are quite good. She has them written down in some notebooks. The notebooks are sitting on a shelf somewhere in her house.

                  A few of those songs she started to record in a recording studio. But she couldn’t afford to finish the recording project. That was years ago. As far as I know, nothing has happened with them since then.

                  So here I come along … we were even on the same worship team together … and I started a Song-Sharing service on the web for Praise and Worship songs, and I tell her about it. I was offering to put her songs to work. She’s not interested, apparently. Why not? I’m not even sure. She won’t even talk about this subject … not a single word.

                  I think she’s just so depressed about her music going nowhere. (I say this based upon past meetings we’ve been in together.)

                  So what’s the conclusion? It’s this:

                  ** Don’t let yourself go through life … and then ultimately DIE … without putting your Praise and Worship songs into operation! **

                  Hey … if you’re not going to bring them out to the world on your own … then why not allow someone ELSE to use them the best that they can?

                  Can you tell that I’m frustrated?