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God Is Not the Object

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  • God Is Not the Object

    In worship (and praise) - God is not the object, He is the subject.

    Unpack this and what does it mean (to you)?

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    could go many ways with this.

    1) God IS the object, because worship has to have an object. Worship is ascribing worth to some thing, or person: the object. So the statement that God is the OBJECT of our worship is true.

    2) God is the SUBJECT, because worship is a verb. And verbs (action) would be lonely without nouns (subjects). So the statement that God is the SUBJECT of our worship is true.

    3) God is not an object. God is not merely a thing, not merely an inanimate object. So the statement God is the OBJECT of our worship is not true.

    4) God is THE SUBJECT of our worship. God is the principle thought or motive, the cause of our worship. He is also the melodic theme of our song in worship. Therefore, the statement God is the SUBJECT of our worship is true.

    5) God is not the SUBJECT of our worship. He is not ruled by our worship. He is sovereign over all. Therefore we are HIS subjects as we worship. So the statement, God is the SUBJECT of our worship is not true.

    I could go on.
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      Worship is a verb.
      It must have a direct object.
      God is the object of our worship; and, therefore, the content of the lyrics revolve around God as a subject.


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        Well, Bridget's right in that, grammatically speaking, God is the object of our worship. In any sentence involving us giving Him worship, we're the subject of the sentence, He's the object. In any sentence involving what He has done or what personal attribute He possesses that's worthy of worship, He is the subject.

        If we're not speaking in grammatical terms, I guess there are other ways to look at it, which I think is Russ's point. Maybe it just doesn't seem proper to refer to God by the term "object". I don't know that I feel any better about using the word "subject" though, in that sense. But these are just grammatical terms, and using them doesn't relegate God somehow to a lower post.

        Either way, He's the One to Whom all praise is due, to Whom all our worship is to be directed, and around Whose worth and works the whole universe revolves whether it knows it or not.


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          I like this question. Variation on Russ' post:

          When the people of God are urged to praise Him, God is often the object. Example: Doxology

          When God's person, ways, and works are described and praised, God is often the subject. Example: Jesus Messiah

          Then there are a ton of songs where both perspectives are present. Example: Shout to the Lord, You Never Let Go, etc.

          In the big scheme of things, though, "In the beginning, God..." He is the SUBJECT and everything else in creation is made, sustained, and ordered by Him, including us. But then we're jumping into theology, aren't we?

          Thanks, Matt!


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            Originally posted by ShanMan View Post
            In the big scheme of things, though, "In the beginning, God..." He is the SUBJECT and everything else in creation is made, sustained, and ordered by Him, including us. But then we're jumping into theology, aren't we?
            ...Ha! Yes! The question is certainly a philosophical/theological one. In this context, I am not sure if there is one "correct" answer. The point is really to get us thinking a little deeper about how we conceive of God.

            In a relational context, God as "object" could imply that God is something to be studied, examined, observed. An Object separated from us, perhaps something foriegn. There is also an implication that, with enough study, this Object may become fully known - which - let's be honest - is really an improbable task. Another way of thinking about this is asking yourself if you consider your spouse to be the object of your love or subject?

            God as "subject" in a relational context could imply that we are already linked together in relational dynamics with the Subject, and therefore whatever expressions (praise, worship, for example) may arise from our relationship are rooted in the Subject. This also could imply that since we are already in relationship with the Subject, there are dynamics in knowing one another, the Subject is familiar and intimate, yet not fully known to us.

            I am thinking out loud on this one...


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              HTML Code:
              God enables us to worship Him.
              Subject                 Object
              Without his enablement Is. 64:6 "and all our righteous acts are like 
              filthy rags;"                                  ^worship^
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                I'm just curious - is this in the Songwriting forum because it's going to be in a song? We can move it (mods, feel free) to a different, more general discussion forum ... I'll be leaving for Peru, so mods ... if you decide it needs to be moved, go for it!
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                  He is the Uncreated One. He transcends any language or emotion that we try to contain Him in. He may be the subject or object in a language that attempts to explain who he is. All I know is that He is God and I am not (although sometimes I get that backwards).

                  "Yours, O Lord, is the greatness, the power, the glory, the victory, and the majesty. Everything in the heavens and on earth is yours, O Lord, and this is your kingdom. We adore you as the one who is over all things." -1 Chronicles 29.11


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                    OOOOOO ok shame on me I revived a year old thread.

                    This debate can continue for a very long time simply on the definitions of the two words: object and subject.
                    I purpose changing it all together and say God is the essence of our worship.