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Yaay! My song won!

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  • Yaay! My song won!

    I'm pretty pumped--I just got back from the National Christian Songwriter's Conference put on by Integrity Music and my song "Hallelujah! I Am Free" won Integrity's pick for "best new worship song." I got a gift card to Guitar Center and a funny glass engraved thingy...

    Is there somewhere to upload an MP3 here?

    "Hallelujah! I Am Free"

    We stand before You, broken and weak
    We come with nothing to lay at your feet.
    The cross, where your righteousness and mercy meet,
    Offers hope, offers peace.

    Healing compassion gives sight to the blind,
    Reaches the dying and brings them to life,
    Leaving the darkness for your perfect light,
    We come, Lord, we come.

    Hallelujah! This sacrifice,
    The blood of Christ, covers me.
    Hallelujah! Love paid the price,
    Hallelujah! I am free, I am free.

    All the abandoned and all the oppressed
    Run to the Father and enter His rest.
    All of the orphans who long to be blessed,
    Won't you come, won't you come?

    Hallelujah! This sacrifice,
    The blood of Christ, covers me.
    Hallelujah! Love paid the price,
    Hallelujah! I am free, I am free.

    trent smith

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    How much to guitar center? Enough to buy a new guitar? Because if you got that, I would make a recomendation. The Ibanez Articore Series of Hollow Body Electrics are over the top good. The one my friend got was about 400, but it plays, and is built more like a 1000 dollar guitar. It gives great tone especially if you are leading, because ts more than just accoustic...

    anyway I digress from my rant. Congradulations on the win, the lyrics are nice I would love to hear the song. However I know nothing about how one would upload an MP3 to the forums. Keep working on the worship man, you never know where God will take it.


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      Wow - congratulations!

      Do you have a recording of the song?


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        Congrats!! Yay!!

        Rock it!

        TWC Songwriters for the win!
        Associate Director of Worship & Media at St. Simons Community Church .He is also the content curator and editor here at The Worship Community.


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          Excellent news! Congratulations. Is there a link to anyplace we can listen to it?


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            OK--here's a link

            Alright--I went ahead and uploaded a rough mixed DEMO to my myspace site. I'll probably regret it.


            It's the second song on the play list...



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              I got a myspace alert when you uploaded it, an I took a quick listen. I really like this song. I can see why it won. Its good stuff.


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                I've got Trent's CD so I'm not surprised....just a matter of time before everyone finds out how good he is.

                what? me worry?


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                  Great song, Trent! Music, lyrics, the whole ball of wax. Congratulations on winning!


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                    Now, THAT'S what I'm talking about!

                    Congrats, my friend.

                    Love ONE woman...MANY guitars!



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                      warm fuzzies

                      ...there's just so much love in here...*sniff*

                      Actually, for real--thanks everyone for your words of affirmation and for celebrating with me. I love writing--if it can be used beyond my home church--cool. If not, cool.



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                        Trent, CONGRATS!

                        Is there no "attachment" field in your post?
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