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"It's You"

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  • "It's You"

    Here's the lyrics....there is a very very very very very very bad demo of it at

    "It's You"

    There's a face in the shimmering mist,
    And a whispered name where the grass is swaying,
    There's a rhythm and rhyme wherever I go.

    There's a pulse in the pattering rain
    And a deeper roar in the oceans waving
    It's a voice that I know,

    And it's You, God, it's You.

    There's a song that the universe sings
    Every beautiful thing, every act of kindness
    There's a poem written on my soul.

    There's tears for another goodbye,
    For the orphan's cry and the soldier's bride;
    There's a voice speaking hope.

    And it's You, God it's You.

    You speak in everything and I'm listening, I'm listening
    You speak in everything and I'm listening, I'm listening

    To You, God, to You...

    (it goes into a round from here)

    2008 trentsmithmusic

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    Great song song, Trent! I did not think the demo was bad at all. I think you and I need to write a song or two together.

    Love ONE woman...MANY guitars!



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      by the way, how did you copyright your stuff?

      Love ONE woman...MANY guitars!



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        Trent -

        I like your song. I was curious, what was the inspiration behind this song?
        And also, do you plan on using this as a worship song? I am thinking that you are, but I'm just curious.

        You painted a great picture lyrically.



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          Yes, I do use this as a worship song at my church--seems to be working nicely. The inspiration? Well, I was thinking about how God reveals himself to us. There are many songs about God's revelation through His creation, so I wanted to start out with a familiar concept--hopefully in a fresh way; but I wanted to use the second verse to explore a little deeper. Everything good--every truth--every iota of basic decency in the universe has its root in the character of God. He is not only revealed through the natural world, but every time someone is kind, every time someone is merciful, it's God's spiritual "genes" coming through (even in unregenerate people.) I also know that God is touched by human pain and the line "there's tears for another goodbye, for the orphan's cry and the soldier's bride" is meant to describe not OUR tears, but God's (a little poetic license/anthropomorphism--but no more so than supposing God has hands or feet as we know them.)

          That the story.

          While I'm blabbing about myself...I also have a new Christmas worship tune that I'm recording here at home. It really seems to have a big pull in my church and several others--and if you all struggle as much as I do to find good new Christmas stuff worth going to the trouble of teaching your people, it may warrant a listen. I can post at least a rough mix by Monday if anyone is interested. MP3 and chord chart free of course!

          in Him always,