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"You Took My Place" by: Geoff McLarty

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  • "You Took My Place" by: Geoff McLarty

    So I've been writing songs for 6 or 7 years now and just posted a new one on my blog. Go check it out and give some feedback! Thanks


    Geoff McLarty

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    love the lyrics...wouldn't mind at all doing this at our church...! Nice site too...I'll be back to it!


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      Man, this is a great song! Thanks for posting it! Do you have a chord chart and lyric sheet?
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        Yes I do have a chord chart if anyone wants it. Email me at geoffmclarty@gmail.com

        I hope anyone who uses this song will be considerate of the author. I am planning on obtaining a copy right for this song, but haven't done so yet. So I say that to say this..... don't steal the song (Not that any of you would, but I've had this problem before) .... show some respect. Again, just email me if you want the chart. If you need it transposed into a different key, let me know and I can do it for you. Thanks for the positive feedback. Check the website for video blog updates!

        Geoff Mclarty


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          I love the cross-centered nature of the lyrics and the singability of the melody. I could see this being used in various spots in a worship service, depending on a church's liturgy: a good song of adoration, a backdrop for communion -- and it could be either a corporate song or a special piece where the congregation was encouraged to meditate on the lyrics.


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            Hey Geoff:

            NICE song! TONS of potential! I could hear a harmony vocal part as I was listening to it.

            To me, as a songwriter myself, the mark of a great song is when I can hear a full arrangement for the song as I'm listening to it. I would like your permission to perform it...I understand about your forthcoming copyright, and will happily give you full credit. I'll email you.

            Love ONE woman...MANY guitars!



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              that was an excellent song, especially for simply being an accoustic guitar part and nothing else. I was really enjoying it. is there more access to your music I would be interested in hearing more about you and your stuff.


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                Hey man - I'm new. Hope you don't mind my comments. You have a great truth telling piece here. I look forward to getting to lead this song in the future.

                1 thing: I'll give you key of G because of the capo.

                emin D C2
                "You carried the cross for my sin and my shame"

                I recommend you change this progression to:

                amin G/B C2
                "You carried the cross for my sin and my shame"

                to make those chord lines closer and smoother.

                GREAT GREAT song! beautiful voice too.

                blessings man!