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  • Baptisms?

    How do you guys go about celebrating baptism?

    I'm just curious what it looks like across the spectrum of churches represented here.

    We will record a lot of those who are to be baptized telling their "Stories" on video and then weave those in with live music and the actual baptisms...it's pretty fun!

    Your thoughts and experiences?
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    Well, since we're in a temp facility we've been using someone's swimming pool. We'll encourage the person to give a brief testimony. Some people are a little shy. You now that goes. We'll also normally have whoever led them to the Lord do the baptism. Again, if the person is comfortable with this.


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      Since our church is on an island, we baptize our new members in the ocean. It's an incredible, beautiful experience that we tag on with our "Worship at the Park" celebration. My first Sunday at CRCSSI was a Worship at the Park , followed by oceanside baptism service afterwards complete with bagpipes playing "Amazing Grace" and "Come Thou Fount." I was moved to tears. It was beautiful.


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        We celebrate baptisms with a lot of wet hugs and some woohooin'!!

        But seriously folks...

        We have a built-in dunkin' tub behind our stage (there's a 6x6 opening for folks to see in) in the auditorium. Baptisms are usually part of our 1st song set, this is way cool, praising God with music and life commitment. However, having said all that, we are a church that will baptize you where ever the water is deep enough. Saturday a young man was baptized in a horse trough after studying with one of our pastors. Last month I baptized my son in a creek during a weekend long family conference. We're kinda like Philip and the Eunuch over here.


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          Right now we do it like this: We have a normal service and then after it we drive to somebody's garden to baptise in a pool. There the person who wants to become baptised has the possibility to say something if he/she like to. And after it we have lunch together....with barbeque...uhm...how did You write this? BBQ


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            We'll always have baptisms during an appropriate songs. Since we have a baptismal off the side of the stage, this makes for a pretty cool event! Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) is a popular one to play alongside the baptism!


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              We do ours either in someones pool or in a lake/river. We pretty much make a party out of it.


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                No speeches, no party, no vids, no pool or lake or "dunkin' tub"...... just a symbolic sprinkling of water over their head, kinda like a baby christening. UMC doesn't seem to make a big deal of it.


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                  we baptize by immersion, we have a baptismal pool submerged below the back of the stage, so we uncover it....

                  the last one we had there were all young people, so the parents all got a chance to share a verse and something special about the child, the child either shared their testimony of the point where they accepted Christ, or if they were shy the pastor asked them some questions that confirmed their acceptance of Jesus as their Savior, our pastors daughter was also baptized and his wife joined him in the pool and they baptized her together, something that has become a tradition among missionaries to Russia, it was neat.

                  We have a baptizm coming up at the end of this month, a young gal who accepted jesus a few months ago has been wanting to be baptized, I have asked the pastor if my daughter and i can take a part, as she is my daughters friend and we has come to church with us for many months now...looking forward to his answer on that one...

                  there is usually a good amount of happy tears and some clapping and cheering too...


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                    We used to do it weekly in service (1 - 3 folks usually). Not as inspiring as what we do now because now we emphasize their story more.

                    Now we shifted to quarterly baptisms still in our Sunday morning services. We have 20-50+ folks between the two. We have a narrator who reads a 1 minute story about how they came to faith in Christ. The story often contains the fact that someone at NorthWood relationally led them to the Lord. This inspires others to do the same thing. If we have enough folks, we break them into two groups within the service and then place a celebratory song between. Our church claps and rejoices after each baptism as well.

                    With that said, occassionally we have a special situation where we still baptize on a non-baptism service (someone's family members in town, heading to Iraq, etc.)


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                      We will typically baptize three or four times a year. Our largest baptisms we hold on Memorial Day and Labor Day in conjunction with one of our church picnic/park outreaches. We drag everything out to the biggest park in the city, have a full worship service, have a baptism, and have a picnic that's open to everyone. (The banner at the top of our homepage is a photo taken during one of these baptisms.)

                      During the winter/spring if we have baptisms, we do it at another local church that has a baptistry. (we don't) Usually we'll do it on Sunday evening, have a short worship, a short message, and the baptism. We baptise by immersion.

                      Typically we will have each candidate for baptism give a short, live testimony before the actual baptisms.


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                        UMC here...

                        Sometimes you have to break the mold and celebrate the awesomeness of what is happening in front of you )

                        We try to make the celebration memorable. Song, feast, and if they are willing.... we have a river out back and people willing to get wet!


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                          Our pastor wets his hand and holds it on the head of the person being baptised. It is something we take very seriously in our congregation, especially since we don't seem to do alter calls citing the A.B.C.'s (admit you're a sinner, believe Christ died for your sins, commit your soul and your life to follow Jesus). We are a United Methodist church heading in a contemporary direction.

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                            In our church during baptism our participants will wear baptism robes for formality... It is a tradition. Before, I have no religion until I met a friend who told me about Jesus. Last May 01, 2012 I was just baptized. Way back from the past, I had a different feeling and a little bit nervous maybe because I was just excited to be a new born Christian wearing an excellent baptism robe, my friend bought it from Churchgoers Baptism Robes. The pastor and the witnesses gave me a warm welcome and we celebrate it as I give them a big party.


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                              We do three or four a year. We don't have a baptistry, so we either do it Sunday afternoon, at another local church (in the winter) or we do it at the town beach in warmer weather. Those are amazing.