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A Charismatic Hymn Written 100 Years Before Charismatics.

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  • A Charismatic Hymn Written 100 Years Before Charismatics.

    Hello all...

    Just this past week, I discovered a Catholic hymn that was written in 1860, was used quite a bit, and then dropped from hymnals in the mid-1950s. In 1960, the charismatic renewal began to take root, first in Episcopal churches, and then through all the mainline churches, until 1967 when it impacted the Catholic Church; this was still a few years before the emergence of Calvary Chapel, the Jesus Movement, and megachurches.

    It still blows me away that this hymn predates all of that, and could have been written yesterday.
    Holy Ghost, come down upon Thy children,
    Give us grace and make us Thine;
    Thy tender fires within us kindle,
    Blessèd Spirit, Dove divine.

    For all within us good and holy
    Is from Thee, Thy precious gift;
    In all our joys, in all our sorrows,
    Wistful hearts to Thee we lift.

    For Thou to us art more than Father,
    More than sister, in Thy love,
    So gentle, patient, and forbearing,
    Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove.

    O we have grieved Thee, gracious Spirit!
    Wayward, wanton, cold are we;
    And still our sins, new every morning,
    Never yet have wearied Thee.

    Now if our hearts do not deceive us
    We would take Thee for our Lord
    O dearest Spirit! Make us faithful
    To Thy least and lightest word.

    I write more thoughts on this hymn here (click thru)..
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