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No More Glorias & Alleluias

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  • No More Glorias & Alleluias

    Like everyone else I'm working on our series for lent right now and am running into a problem.

    Background: We're getting back to the basics (read: theology 101 + building a biblical literate congregation) for our series during lent. Despite being a mainstream traditional worship we are building towards more of a blended service and are able to do things like drama with out anyone getting upset. As the new Worship Arts Pastor I am learning that though the church has lots of traditions it is not very educated when it comes to some of the liturgical basics. So I have decided to "teach" some of the basics (colors, calendar, etc) within elements like drama. I would like to teach "why we refrain from Glorias and Alleluias during the season of lent" BEFORE they wonder why we aren't singing the gloria patri right after the call to worship.I'm going to write a drama to help convey the message but now am running into a problem with the order of worship...so...

    How do you all "handle" the change in order when you take out things like the gloria patri??? I'm finding that it really messes up the flow and the "blocks" (ie opening block, prayer block, etc) I would be curious to know how you "stack" your services...thanks!