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Acoustic Hymns

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  • Acoustic Hymns

    Well, I lead a college aged group and am planning a teaching series of Ancient Practices. I will be covering Baptism, Prayer, Fasting, Communion, and Baptism with Holy Ghost.

    In doing this, I am wanting to set a more traditional vibe in the room. I am intending to include acoustic hymns for the worship. What I am looking for is suggestions of hymns for all five topics. And Hymns which are reasonably well known are a plus. Also I will take suggestions of any hymn you really just can't live without.

    Remember that I am not a champion when it comes to Guitar. So any way to make things that are easy to play in a small family setting are a blessing.

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    wow--there are sooo many and I only have 5 minutes...

    ok, some of my favorites on Baptism/Communion-ish theme:

    "There Is a Fountain"
    "Jesus Paid It All"
    "Oh the Deep Deep Love" (Bob Kauflin's new setting is OUTSTANDING--big improvement over the original, but does not water down the text at all + it retains the integrity of a solid hymn feel)

    Newer Hymns:
    "The Wonder of the Cross" (Vicki Beeching)
    "How Deep the Father's Love for Us" (Townend)

    Back to older stuff:
    "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross"
    "Rock of Ages"
    "And Can It Be That I Should Gain" (hmmm...new theme song for "Biggest Loser"?)
    "Our Great Savior"

    and, just because...I rediscovered an old hymn last week called "God Leads Us Along." Wow--it is absolutely gorgeous. My worship team had never heard it before and they were taken with it from the first listen. A couple chord changes--throw in a minor vi here and there and it was amazing. Brought me to tears.


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      RUF online is a great resource. Some new tunes to old hymns as well as acoustic versions of the traditional hymns, with lead sheets, chord charts, mp3s.

      They have a great rockin' arrangement of "And Can It Be" there, it really moves and we use it often.


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        +1 for the RUF hymnal. You also might enjoy exploring the Red Mountain Music folk.
        Tony Hartsfield


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          Thanks Guys, these really helped me in my effort to get ideas.