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New Baptist Hymnal

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  • New Baptist Hymnal


    Just curious as to how many "Traditional" fans have used or seen the New Baptist Hymnal (also known as The Worship Hymnal from Lifeway.)

    How do you like it?

    Are the new music additions benefitting your worship?

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    I picked one up. It's sitting on a shelf next to my desk. Can't say I've actually used it but it is a very interesting mix of old and new. It could be a great resource for churches transitioning from a more traditional style to a blended style.


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      Our church has about 10 copies of a new one. It's a grey colored one with LOTS of new songs. I love the new stuff and how it also kept the old. The CD's/Music .pdf files that go with it are terrific. They give contemporary rhythms to old hymns which pleases everyone, I suppose. It does help the set flow better.


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        I found the New Baptist Hymnal to be pretty good. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to decide which songs to put in the hymnal so that both traditional and contemporary are represented. We did have some that did not like the hymnal as they were so used to the Great Hymns of Faith. Some of their favorite songs are not in the new hymnal. I reminded them of how that same sentiment was mentioned when the church switched to the Great Hymns of the Faith from the Broadman Hymnal. Every so often we do a song from one of the older hymnals.