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For people who like traditional, how much "contemporary" is too much?

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    It seems like your congregation is really accepting this move well. Congrats.

    I second what many have said already regarding the idea of traditional and a high liturgy....the only thing changing (from what it sounds like) is the instrumentation. I imagine that is one of the reasons the change wasn't hard, because what really sticks out to folk that are used to a formal liturgy not that much changed. It sounds like you have a great church.

    I play electric guitar in almost the same setting fairly often, and I can give you a hint as far as your tone question. If the guitar playing is using a small tube amp, you really shouldn't need heavy distortion....and maybe not even overdrive.

    I keep a 5 watt epiphone valve jr at the place I play and run the cabinet offstage in another room. All I ever need to get the type of tone that will work in the band situation is a good clean boost. That gets the saturation going fine...without freaking out older and more traditional minded folk. I think more electric players use WAYYYY to much gain in many settings. The guys from ACDC have complained in articles that people use to much gain when playing hard rock...and those guys know what they are talking about. A tube screamer (one of the standards I see with electric guitar in worship) provides to much saturation if pushed beyond half.

    Enough people are building pedals now that you could probably find someone in your area that can build your guy a clean boost for not to much money.