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    Pedro the Lion did a really cool version of "Be Thou My Vision." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8AdgQI1aQA

    "Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus"
    "Victory in Jesus"
    "Nothing But the Blood"

    Not sure if these are actually considered hymns or not, but "Holy Ground," "I Exalt Thee," "I Love You Lord," and "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" are all awesome too.

    There's just too many good songs to list...


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      Be Thou My Vision
      Here is Love, Vast as the Ocean
      And Can It Be?
      O For a Thousand Tongues

      to name but a few favourites!


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        A Mighty Fortress
        Victory in Jesus
        It is well
        Nothing but the blood of Jesus


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          Favorite hymn of all time: "It Is Well"

          Other favorites:

          "Amazing Grace"
          "A Mighty Fortress"
          "Great Is Thy Faithfulness"

          I love the old hymns. Haven't heard them sung much lately, but it would be easy to "update" them--give them a more contemporary setting, and they'll still be as fresh as the latest worship song.


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            I'm relatively new here and just found this old thread, I hope the rest of you won't mind me reviving it.

            I grew up in a Missionary Baptist church and love the beauty of many old hymns. I play electric guitar in a praise and worship team that generally plays more contemporary songs, or contemporary arrangements of the older ones. If we do sing the more traditional hymns in our church in the traditional style, it's when a different piano player than the one in our group (the team leader) is playing it.

            Someone gave us an old upright piano a few years ago and stored in the bench was a real treasure of a book, Famous Hymns: With Stories and Pictures by Elizabeth Hubbard Bonsall. I had never heard the song Abide With Me but I play piano and learned it by playing it. My Mom was in her 90's and she was simply fading slowly away, so we knew she wouldn't be with us much longer. I learned this song on my classical guitar and played and sung it for her. I could barely make it through the song for crying. I guess it has become my favorite. I'm attaching a scan of the page from the book, which has it in all 5 verses plus the touching story of its writing by Henry Francis Lyte. I went back and found it in the Broadman Hymnal that we sang in the church where I grew up, and that has only 4 of the verses.
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