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Angels We Have Heard (Gloria) w/Audio

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  • Angels We Have Heard (Gloria) w/Audio

    Hey guys, thanks to Fred's posting of his mash-up of the Doxology and Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, I figured I'd jump on board and share our version of Mercy Me's version of Gloria (Angels We Have Heard).

    Summary: We used the skeleton of the Mercy Me arrangement for the verses and chorus, but wrote in our own bridge and ending.

    Audio & Details of Arrangement Here

    I know of a handful of churches that have done Gloria this year, how many of you here on TWC are rocking it?
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    We've been using this song for the past few years, as well as several others from that same album.

    Practical Worship

    Please Pray For My Wife


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      We're doing it this coming Sunday, for the first time. We're using the Sixpence None The Richer arrangement.


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        Funky Angels

        This year I approached "Angels We Have..." differently. I was in my office with my guitar thinking..."what if John Mayer sang this song..."

        So I started changing chords around and gave it an upbeat hip-hop type half time. It actually sounded very very cool--I do the same thing with "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" --only that has a sort of "Claptonesque" feel.

        People really dig them--cause they're a completely different feel, but totally singable.

        Let me know if you want charts...