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Sunday Set Lists - January 20, 2019

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  • Sunday Set Lists - January 20, 2019

    I hope it's OK for someone other than a moderator to start this, but I have missed seeing what others have been doing the last several weeks. So I thought I would be first to share (after all, someone has to be first!)

    Come, Christians Join to Sing (a more contemporary version of the old hymn -- our congregation does not even know the traditional version of this)
    Forever - Tomlin
    Because He Lives (Amen) - Maher (or is it Redman, I can never remember!)
    'Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus (with alternative bluesy chords)**

    Solo was Living Hope - Wickham

    We had good participation from the congregation on these songs.

    ** This is in "All the Best Songs of Praise and Worship #2" from Lillenas This one arrangement is so good it's worth the $20 for the book (IMHO, YMMV)