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Remember Those Worship Subscription Services?

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  • Remember Those Worship Subscription Services?

    Hi all...

    I was thinking... in the 80s and 90s there was a subscription service model put forth by Integrity/Hosanna Music and Vineyard/Mercy Music. A person pays an annual fee, and in the mail they would get the latest cassette or CD, along with a printed booklet of all the words/chords/music notation. Maybe a mug with an inspirational logo... I dunno.

    In light of music streaming, social media, and ease of access to many more personal materials, I'm wondering if there are any modern variations of this going on right now.

    I'm not talking about sites which offer such songs for free, along with videos on how to play the songs. I'm talking about private memberships to such songs, where the artist him/her-self shares what they have been working on, along with their opinions on certain songs, ideas on how to grow in holiness, etc..

    Are there any paid membership resources out there that help worship leaders with new content? Coz I'm drawing a blank....
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    I haven't heard of anything quite like this Nick!
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    • NickAlexander
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      Perhaps this model fell apart at the rise of digital media/napster/itunes/streaming. Only this was a much grander scale than a purchase of a single album, with one or two great tracks, and the rest being filler.