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Choir w/Worship Team for Easter -- Song Ideas Needed

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  • Choir w/Worship Team for Easter -- Song Ideas Needed

    Hey, I've been solicited to lead a choir for Easter. My vision is to have the choir involved with the worship set -- singing with the team with some deviation. Now that time is pressing, I am getting less picky, but I do need a few good leads for choir songs.

    The songs need to be:
    - Easy to learn (not too complex)
    - Available on a CD to help practices
    - Arranged for choir and band (at least having chords)

    Any and all ideas are much appreciated.

    God bless!

    Mark Zubert (thebuzz) on about.me

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    There is a good chris tomlin "when I survey the wondrous cross" that works well w/choir and band and is very simple. You should be able to find it easily via google.
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      Last year, we did 'In Christ Alone' with a choir of about 40. It was really special.
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        Easter suggestions

        I really like Kirk Franklin's "Now Behold the Lamb"
        Chris Tomlin's "Jesus, Messiah" is easier
        Kim Walker's "See His Love" is more contemporary and 'raw'

        I wrote a 'classical' "Crucifixion Song" for SAT with band and full orchestra. I have a track and click-track that could be used along with sheet music.

        CrucifixionSong - Blogs - Lowell Hohstadt

        I also wrote a more 'contemporary' song, "It Is Finished" for praise team/choir SAT that could work for you.

        It IsFinished - Blogs - Lowell Hohstadt
        It Is Finished - Lowell Hohstadt


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          Are the songs going to be a choir feature or are they going to be done with the whole worship team as a congregational song?



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            Easter songs

            "It Is Finished" can be done using the entire worship team, with congregational participation on the Chorus. Either soloists or a small group can sing the verses. The choir singing on the Chorus effectively 'leads' the congregation. (The audio demo version, of course, used only two voices, but I have written parts in a chart format for SAT choir, with bass/baritone singing melody). It works well as a 'special' in a congregational worship setting.

            "Crucifixion Song" is best used as a special presentation, perhaps with video clips of Jesus on the Cross. If you desired, you could lay the audio track I created onto a video sequence, with the music coming out the left channel and click coming out the right channel for your group to play along. I have music tracks either with or without vocals. The song also works very well with just a rhythm section accompaniment, if you prefer doing it live.
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              Majesty - Delirious

              Last year we did Majesty as performed by Delirious (not the song in the hymnals!) and will probably do it this year. It was very strong.

              Might not work with full choir singing the whole thing, but with lead singer and choir coming in for emphasis it can really be hair-rasing.



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                Wrong title

                On second thought I think the name of the song I meant is "Here I Am"


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                  Mighty to Save is great for Easter, as well as Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone. We are also doing Here I Am to Worship (we don't overdo that one at this church, so I feel like it's ok. )


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                    I don't think we will play this song, but I would love to hear Casting Crowns versoin of Glorious Day on Easter Sunday. That is a very powerful song. I am working on getting it down right now.


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                      Don't, don't, DON'T... pass up this opportunity to do a classic hymn that the choir loves, four part harmony and all. Then, look hard for a contemporary praise song that medleys easily within.

                      AND... it's GOT to have TONS of Hallelujahs.
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                        Choir sing with chorus on Jeremy Camp's "This Man"
                        Amazing Grace & Amazing Grace my chains are gone mashup
                        "All who are thirsty" by Kutless with choir singing at "Come Lord Jesus Come" & at bridge.
                        The choir on Children of God


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                          I'm looking at "The Anthem" by Planetshakers and "Forever Reign" by Hillsong. In the past, on Easter, we've used "Praise the King" by Cindy Morgan and "Overcome" by Desperation Band.

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                            Originally posted by n2jesus View Post
                            I don't think we will play this song, but I would love to hear Casting Crowns versoin of Glorious Day on Easter Sunday. That is a very powerful song. I am working on getting it down right now.
                            We're doing Glorious Day


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                              Awesome! Let me know how it goes.